Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Every day life and Exciting Get-aways

As I might have mentioned, we have fully entered the "Jaylie June dresses herself" phase.  It is interesting to say the least.  This particular day, it was a nightgown, tutu, polka dotted tights, snow boots, and thankfully her jacket.  Anytime the sidewalks are clear, it calls for a bike ride and baby doll couldn't be left out! 

Q had to do a quick practice writing his numbers 1-20.  He did it.  Then wrote "dun" at the end.  Making sure I knew he was done.  

Soooo, my brother Clint has been here to hunt for 2 years in a row and he decided his wife might need a chance to get away to Montana by herself.  There were NO arguments here!! She flew in to Bozeman so we could have a 3 day "Moms Gone Wild" ski trip!!! 

Leaving is always tricky.  Guilt. Excitement. Last minute prepping for everything before I'm gone. Excitement. Guilt. and a tad bit of worry.  

But I got this picture within minutes of leaving.....feeding cows with Daddy and a BOX of donuts! What could possibly go wrong here?!!!  

I picked up Rach from the airport, we made a quick run to the store, walked Main Street, and ate a yummy supper.  The ice cream truck didn't have the flavor I'm obsessed with, but they did have a bucket of it.  So what else are 2 MOMS GONE WILD supposed to do, but share a tub of ice-cream!!!  We sent this picture to our families making sure they knew we were doing ok without them.  

We skied Bridger Bowl right outside of Bozeman and it treated us very well. The first 2 days of skiing were PERFECT weather (the last day was snowy and cold).  We had great snow, great weather, and had a BLAST skiing and couldn't believe how easy it is to ski with just 2 adults!! 

Here's Rach enjoying the view!

Obligatory ski lift selfie

This was after our last day and there was a traffic jam getting out so we decided to kill time by taking a picture in front of the sign.  We also had to buy a selfie stick after the first day because we realized we do NOT know how to take selfies.  The stick wasn't a total cure-all for these old hags, but it helped a little.  Sheesh those teenagers make it look easy! 

We felt like the Crazy Woman run was an appropriate place to take a picture! 

Rach needed her picture made by the sign to her favorite run, "Porcupine". If you ever loose Rachel when skiing at Bridger, you will find her on Porcupine.  Over and over and over.  

Amazing views of course 

It was a PERFECT few days away and I'm forever grateful that I could benefit from my brother's guilt.  Hopefully he'll feel guilty every year.  And, as everyone knows, my hubby is a total stud and lets me do these sorts of things.  It falls under a category we like to call "Sanity Protection".

Y'all.  This was on the front page of our paper! 
If you can't read the fine print, its RABBIT AGILITY!!!  Just like you see dogs run through those courses with tunnels and stuff, RABBITS DO IT TOO!!  Being a former bunny owner, and current bunny wanter, I got a big kick out of this.  And also the fact that it was front page news.  

Soooo, the weekend of the Winter Fair, which I LOVE, we made sure to make it to the Rabbit Agility competition.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't revolve my whole day's schedule around it.  And it was as hilarious as I thought.  Especially since most of the kids and rabbits were rookies.  Supposedly you can youtube it and see people who do this for real, but I prefer small town elementary aged kids any day.  

The Winter Fair also had the Snow Queen! She was lovely and captured ALL of Jaylie's attention.  Q and K were pretty excited too.  The week before, the paper had printed a story of "The Legend of the Snow Queen" so they had read that and were excited to see her.  

 A few days later, I got ANOTHER escape from every day life.  For over a year, Kory and I have been trying to sneak away for a couple of days, and it finally happened.  We took Kory's dad's snowmobiles and went to a place about 4 hours away.  We got there late Friday night, ate a nice steak dinner, then spent all day Saturday snowmobiling.  It was a fun way to see that part of the state.  We drove part of the way back Saturday night and got to stay in a cute little town.  We stayed in a tiny old historic cheap hotel and woke up to the sounds of people riding their snowmobiles through town! Ha! 

It was a great couple of days away for us and of course, our kids had a blast at Gram and Chief's.  They were probably wishing we would've stayed gone longer! After that weekend Juney girl kept telling me she wanted Gram to be her mom! Ha! 

A great couple of trips away enjoying the last few weeks of "calm" before the storm that is calving.

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