Sunday, May 7, 2017


We took some birthday treats to Kory's Grandpa Bob and had a fun visit with him. He's the most pleasant, cheerful, and kind man.  A very inspiring person to be around and I'm thankful I've gotten to know him and that our kids get to know him too.  

The weather had been so cold we weren't even playing out in the snow much so when we had a nice sunny day that was bearable we had a fun time.  The snow plow on our road decided that our front yard was a good place to end their plow making a large pile of snow.  It was kind of annoying, but it also made a good hill for the kids to sled on so I guess we enjoyed it after all! 

I get such a kick out of Kanyon's snow angels.  His left side works hard, but can't make much of a snow angel.  

Weirdo reading a book with a flashlight with a basket on her head.  

Our homeschool group gets school rates for ski days throughout the winter so we made a few trips with the group to ski.  The first day we went the drive was so beautiful! 

Me and my ski buddy.  

The drone attacked her! We actually managed to get her hair out without having to cut a chunk of it, so I call it a win but this experience TOTALLY traumatized her.  If she hears the drone, she FREAKS OUT.  Runs in a panic like a maniac to hide in a closet somewhere. Its sort of painful to see her that truly scared, but its mostly funny.  

We all went to feed with Daddy one sunny Saturday morning.  Juney was getting her lessons in cutting the net wrap off.  

This is how Daddy watches basketball games.  The little people in our house have ZERO respect for personal space.  

We had temperatures that I would classify as reasonable so we did some sledding at the ranch.  Tons of fun!!!  

As always the cows are curious and seem to want to join us or at least supervise very closely. The killer view was a nice touch to the fun sledding.  

I'm pretty sure my kids will grow up thinking their dad is indestructible because he does things like hauls Kanyon back up the hill through FEET of snow like its no big deal.  What a dad!! 

The kids always love riding the snow mobiles a little! 

It was a gorgeous sunset and a fun way to end the day together.  

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