Thursday, May 18, 2017

March/April Calving

March and April calving is in full on calving mode. We had very cooperative weather this year so that is always a huge help.  We try to be around when we can to spend a little time with Kory and doing what we can to be a part.  Some days its more practical than others, but we enjoy it when we are out there.  

We've got a new gate opener in the family! 

She's only *slightly* proud of her new role.  

She's a ranch girl and a cook! Scrambling eggs....

and flipping pancakes! 

Juney's not the only one creating great things in the kitchen. I had a tub of plain yogurt that Quinn thought needed a little pizazz.  He added strawberries and chocolate syrup.  Then labeled the lid accordingly.  I didn't exactly know he was doing this. I thought he was just adding strawberries to his personal bowl of yogurt.  He decided to "make the whole tub so everyone could have some."  Gee, Thanks. 

Jon came to watch one of Quinn's basketball game.  As always, Jaylie June took very good care of her. 

Our friend Carley was headed to senior prom.  She and her date stopped by our house to take pictures with my kids and the Oestrieich kiddos.  We all love Miss Carley! 

Back at the ranch, Q is getting lessons in ear tagging.  Won't be long til he'll be able to do it himself! Its a lot of fun to see Quinn learn more and more. Kory is divinely patient and I am so proud of both of these boys! 

 We needed some more jam and some fresh air so we drove about 15 miles to the Amish store.  We got our jam, yummy sandwiches for lunch, and of course ice cream! The giant lawn chair is always a favorite.

Jail's new bike/Quinn's old bike completed its transformation.  I moved her basket from her tricycle to this bike and now its all HERS! 

I posted this photo on Instagram and said something about Kory balancing work and family! Hauling a kid and a calf around is no big deal to this guy.  In all seriousness, its a tough time of year in some ways with him being fully consumed with all these babies. Despite literally working around the clock, he does such a good job of balancing all of his work and still taking good care of all of us. We are happy to spend time with him out there its a happy place for us to get to tag a long and be together working.  The kids are excited to go because they hope they get to ride the 4 wheeler and their dad is fully aware that they love him for his 4 wheeler.  

I always take a picture of 903 pair.  Sort of my shoutout to my homeland in the 903! 

While all my friends in Texas are making their first trips to the swimming pool and having water day at school, Spring in Montana hits hard......

It was actually a heavy beautiful snow that lasted a couple of days and then melted away.  Its just sort of funny to me that it can blow in like this in April! 

Jaylie, the lover of all things babies, gets a really big kick out of these "cutie calves" as she calls them.  Kory had a calf that needed a little help eating, so he had the mom in the chute so the baby could get a chance to eat more easily.  J was there coaching and supporting her cutie calf the whole time.  

Maybe one of our favorite pictures.... Just a girl chilling with a calf thats just the right size of her.  

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martha crockett said...

Can't get over the mud, and or, poop on Jaylie's boots and pants! I'm freaking out just a little bit! You amaze me.....

The pix of the snow made me shiver--literally! Again, you amaze me...