Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

Before we get to the wedding, I have to show you Kanyon's latest addition to his basketball attire. I found these Jordan shorts and ended up getting them for $3!!! I have already had to promise my brothers that they can borrow them. I didn't put Kanyon in the shoes for the picture, but he was very excited about his new shorts!

Already working on the tongue thing!
We began our busy weekend Wednesday night. We headed to Dallas for an early morning appointment on Thursday. We stayed with Paul and Katie and Katie was my LIFE SAVER Thursday. She got up early with us and went with me to the Dr. We had to be there at 7:15 for an MRI and then met with our Neurosurgeon afterwards to look at it. I could have NEVER done it without Katie! Here they are in the waiting room playing while I did paperwork! We got an EXCELLENT report from the Dr. They were mainly checking the size of his ventricles (those are the things that had too much fluid causing the hydrocephalus and the shunt now drains them). They wanted to make sure the shunt was working and it is perfect. He said they are perfectly small! The best news is we don't have to go back for another year!! Usually we are there at least every 3-4 months!! YIPEE!!! This is always a scary appointment because it is the one thing I'm the most in the dark on....I am always afraid he's going to come back in and say something is wrong and we're headed to the OR!! Thankfully we had a great check up!
OK...from there we went to Paris for Julie's wedding. This was also a big weekend for Kanyon because he wore shoes. He's never really worn shoes before. He wore the cutest green shoes that his aunt Sydni sent and they were SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I didn't get a very good picture, but you can kind of see them in this picture. Great Aunt Gwennie, Ali, and Brittney played with Kanyon while I ate at rehearsal dinner!
Something tells me these 3 boys were up to something.....
Me and Ali with the lovely bride Jules!
Here is Kanyon with one of his newest best friends Jude. Jude is only 2 weeks old and he is SOOOOOOOOOOO tiny and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Here are Scott and I with our little ones. Crazy that we're parents. Jude is a blessed little boy, he has 2 wonderful parents!
Phillips Pham. You'll notice Kanyon's shoes here....Chucks. I decided a long time ago that Kanyon would wear the classic Converse shoes his whole life (or at least as long as I have say-so), I just didn't know how small they made them. Well, here they are in a size 3. Still a little big, but oh man, I love them. He liked them because he just ate the shoestrings. Everyone wins.

Great Uncle Frank was a life saver. He held Kanyon during the reception and Kanyon was so happy and relaxed. Great bonding time for these 2.
Here I am with my favorite dance partner Rosie Jo
milk face
Kory left the reception early to go home and feed Kanyon. When I got home, this is what I found.


Jessica said...

I'm glad ya'll had a weekend of fun. I love the shoes! They crack me up! Oh, and Rylan wore a size 3 up until this past spring, so Kanyon's not doing bad on the shoe size thing.

The Davis Daily said...

Kelby and I had a lot of fun visiting with you and Cory this weekend. It was great finally getting to meet Mr. Kanyon.

ali said...

cute! love the shorts :) o yeah, and still waiting on those doubles!! lol

Hilary said...

Too cute!! mr.Kanyon you are getting so big!!!

Spencer said...

Dear Kanyon,

I like your new basketball shorts a lot! I know you're going to be tall (just look at your dad, uncles and your grandparents). Basketball may be your thing. BUT, don't rule out soccer. Remember you have a smokin' Boca jersey straight from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like you to try it on soon. You're first words to me were in Spanish (even though they were written). This means that you can't rule out the wonderful world of fĂștbol.

I will be looking for the debut of that Boca jersey on your blog!

Tu primo,

Krawl and Anra said...

That's a sweet ending to a wonderful, wedding weekend!

Olson Family said...

looks like it was a fun weekend!!! love the shoes:)


Robyn said...

Precious pictures. I like how Kanyon has no say in his footwear for as long as he's under your roof. And that is great news that his shunt is doing just right! Y'all take care!

Robyn said...
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Anonymous said...

Jaymie, Kanyon is getting so big! He is precious.

Anonymous said...

He looks so much like a happy baby boy! I have been following your blog since last year a month after you gave birth. Its so awesome to see Kanyon doing so well!