Thursday, February 26, 2009

23 things about the 23 month old!

Believe it or not, Kanyon is almost 2! Today he is 23 months as we draw near to the big 2, I thought I'd start the "countdown" with a little game. 23 Things you might not have known about Kanyon:

1. He doesn't care that much about watching the TV unless its on fast forward.

2. He has tons of tiny little white dot scars on his hands and arms. The older he gets the more they show up. They're from all the IV sticks when he was in the NICU. They are probably all over his head too.

3. He really is as smiley as the pictures you see on the blog.

This was the first one EVER!

4. He has reflux and still throws up often, but doesn't care. I do care because its A LOT that comes up. He's still on 100% pediasure, so its not too nasty (sorry for the details). We can hear it coming and usually run to the sink or hang him off of whatever we're sitting on. We still keep our recliner covered in towels and we are SO GLAD we don't have carpet in our living room! But none of it phases him one bit. He looses it and then keeps right one going!

5. There was a time when he would copy the sounds mama and da but now says za za. Stinker.

6. His name came off of a Texas map......before we had kids, we used to say it would be cool to name our kids places (towns, counties, etc.) in Montana and Texas. So, when we would travel, we would look through maps and stuff looking for names. There is a Canyon, Texas. We liked that and it sounded good with Luke....obviously we scratched the Texas Montana names, but stuck with Canyon....changed it to a "K" since Kory is with a K....and Luke is Kory's middle name. klp and KLP

7. He's heard "use your other arm" so much when he's in his standing frame or exersaucer that sometimes we just say it and he pics his left arm up and puts it out on the tray. I wish I would've been using the term "left arm" instead...then he would seem super smart like he knew his left from his right!

8. He taught himself how to kiss. We just realized one day that he would lean in when we asked him to. Since then, he is forced to kiss his mother at least 6, 000 times a day. I can't help it.

9. He RARELY wakes up crying. More often than not, I hear his rain forest soother come on...he learned how to hit the button to turn it on. He is usually sitting there either trying to lick the soother or rocking/dancing to the music.

10. If he gets tickled and laughs a good hard belly laugh he gets the hic ups...every single time.
11. He used to end his hic ups by throwing up...not any more thank goodness.

12. He has never been in Wal-Mart

13. His favorite toy is this gear toy..thanks combines all of his favorite things: music, spinning, and lights. This picture (taken by Mindi) shows EXACTLY how he plays with it. He is obsessed!

14. Speaking of obsessed, the obsession with the bouncy seat lives on. But his bouncing is so out of control that I have to be right there beside him to make sure he doesn't tip the thing or bounce himself out. Safety first.
15. Squirting noises or brushing noises (like scrubbing the shower) crack him up.
16. He still sleeps with the doll in his bed that he had in the NICU....they would give me these to keep in my shirt and then put over the babies' heads so they could know my scent. I had 2 for each so I could rotate....I might not could've been holding them, but by golly they were gonna SMELL ME!!! I just have to keep it in his bed...maybe I won't make him take it to college...maybe.

17. The hair on the back of his head grows sideways. Don't ask me why....I mean really, here I am talking about his hair again. What is THE DEAL!?
18. He sleeps in a closet every Tuesday night (in Dallas at Kasey's).

19. He loves to reach up to touch lights (thanks to his dad) when we go for walks at night, he will reach up from his stroller to try to touch the street lights.

20. He recently started knocking...he doesn't know he's knocking and its not a "trick" we taught him, but it does look funny when he pats something, then rolls up his fist and knocks on it.

21. He still gets rocked to sleep. Sue me. I will explain why (other than that I am eaten up with love when he lays on me and falls to sleep): We have always had to hold him up after he eats. It used to be for 30 min. now, its not near as long. And he never has been an eat-wake-sleep kind of guy.....more of a eat-sleep-wake cycle. So, he eats then we have to hold him up and 99% of the time, he's asleep almost instantly if it is bed time or nap time. There have been a few times when I wish I could just put him in his bed, but it is really rare that the rocking thing isn't super fast, easy, and sweet. PLUS, the whole "cry it out" thing = throwing up everywhere....not worth it. So there, I still rock my 2 year old to sleep.

22. He cries every time you walk in from outside.

23. If he is acting like he might throw up (we can hear it coming) and then sneezes, he won't throw up. Its like the sneeze replaces throwing up....I like sneezes.

There you have it....Did you learn anything you didn't already know? I am sorry that so many of them involved throw up. I didn't mean to do that, I guess its just a common reality in our little world! Have a great day!


annalee said...

i did learn a few new things about klp. as always your family makes me smile at your strength and LOVE!

cassi rash said...

Aw, Jaymie...I can't believe he's almost two! You should post a Kanyon trivia game, next. I don't think I knew his name came from Canyon, TX. He's got closer ties to us than he knows! What a sweet boy!

Rachel said...

I learned several things I didn't know - thanks for posting! Nolan has already started doing #9, but I think it's on accident. He rolls on his tummy and his head is just the right height to hit the button. #10 Roselyn does that, too, even to this day if she laughs hard! #12 is amazing. And very smart. But I'm guessing he has been to Target, right? And #21 - there ain't a thing wrong with that! You rock that baby until he's 15 for all I care. He deserves as much TLC as you can give him and I wouldn't feel weird about that at all. Everybody has a night-time routine, and that's a really sweet one. Give that 23 month old boy a big kiss! I can't believe he's nearly 2! And I still haven't made him the present that I promised for his 1st birthday - sorry! I'm still planning to, I promise. Love y'all!

Jodi said...

I loooooooooooved reading that. LOVED it. And I agree with Rach, you rock that boy to sleep as long as he will let you!!! We had to do that hold-'em-up-after-eating thing with Reagan, and our routine became about that same thing. I was always rocking her to sleep. MAN I MISS IT! So, enjoy every minute. :) Can't believe he is almost 2... such a little man!

daughteroftheking said...

I loved reading this! You inspire me to write things about my little ones. Elijah and Katy both did #10. I always felt so bad about making them laugh but I wanted to hear it so bad!

Holly said...

What a great post & a great idea! I loved reading this, it was so neat! You are such a great mom, Jaymie, Kanyon is so blessed to have you & Kory. Can't wait for his bday!!

martha crockett said...

J-me, that was so precious. I agree that rocking him should never end! Do you remember that little book "I'll Love You Forever"? I can still get teary when I think of that last page....
Kanyon is one blessed little boy to have you and Kory for his mom and daddy. Loved all 23 things!!!!

Kelly said...

No Wal-Mart?! How do you swing that?! And is there a reason why - or is it b/c it is a germ pit? LOL

Corbitt Family said...

I did learn a few things, like the pressure is on for this birthday! I don't know if I found something as cool, but maybe!

Jenna said...

I loved reading sweet!! And I still rock my almost-2-year-old to sleep too...

Kyla said...

I love learning new things about Kanyon! I wish Ava would fall asleep in my arms every once in a while. There really is nothing sweeter. I still rock her every night and sing to her, but then she wants to lay in bed and talk herself to sleep. If I try to skip the rocking when I'm really tired, she starts crying and says 'wok-a-wok?' and then I give in. :)

Sheridie said...

This is great Jaymie! It's really very hard to believe he is almost two. What a big boy! #10-Gibson gets the hiccups just like Kanyon when he laughs. #12-Gibson should be so lucky! :) #14-Gibson was obsessed with his bouncy seat. I finally just had to hid it from him one day. I think he was close to 2 by the time I put it up. #21-Take advantage of rocking your sweet baby to sleep. Gibson was never much of a rocker. I feel like I kinda missed out on that. So now when he wants to sit in my lap and be loved on, I have to control myself that I don't love on him too much so that he wants to get up. Keep on Rocking!!!!

erin f. said...

All my stories are about throw up lately too :)

I love all the cute things Kanyon does and how he is growing and changing. And I agree that you should rock him to sleep as long as he will let you. It's such a sweet picture in my head. And I love it that he wakes up and turns on his soother thing and dances. Cuteness.

Anonymous said...

i did learn so much about Kanyon! thanks for that insight into his world. by the way i still rock keller at age 7; it just gets hard to tote him to his bed! and i love the fact he's never been to walmart. mandy brooks