Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Videos!

Ok, now that I know how to do the video thing, I'm having lots of fun! I am posting a couple more clips that I already had on youtube. Maybe I'll get more up soon.

This first one is of him clapping. This was right after he learned how to clap and we had to sing the song....hence me embarassing myself on the www!!! Now you just have to tell him to clap and he can do it and I'm really glad because I'm NOT a gifted singer!! Remember he has a bum left his clap is a little lop-sided!

This video is really boring, but it shows something that he does ALL the time. I think he's a musical boy because he's always responded to music (this makes his Tuesday night roommate Kasey very happy!!) ...several months ago, we noticed that he would rock when he heard music....either someone singing to him, a radio, or jingle on TV. I took this video before Christmas. You can hear the music in the background. When it came on, he stopped playing and had to break it down!!

Who knows...maybe more videos soon!


Molly Woodall said...

AWWWWW just made my night! You are so precious!
Now...go shake yo' groove thang!
Love you all!

Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I love the videos! He is getting so big and seeing the videos bring a huge smile to my face. Love them!

The McCarter Family said...

Those are sooo sweet!!! He is doing so much! I am so thrilled about that! Thanks for the video advice...I'll have to check it out!!!

cassi rash said...

He is so cute! I LOVE the clapping video!

Amy Porter said... are so leading singing at Super Stars next time it is your turn!! :) Great singing girl!! Cute videos...I sure love that boy!!

Sydni said...

I would sure be thrilled over more videos soon... just love them! And the boy!!!