Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few funny pics

I have a few random pictures I've taken lately that kinda make me laugh.

Since the haircut, klp's hair has been extra crazy when he wakes up!

He really REALLY wanted a drink of my Kool-Aid. I let him try some and he didn't really care that much....he was for sure giving me the stink eye for taking a picture of his mustache.
Guess who was in charge when this happened???

Kan Man is pretty much a free range chicken these days. He scoots/army crawls/drags himself all over the house....very proud to be under the table.

i think this is so cute

The air vent is one of his new favorite spots in the house. He runs his hands over it to make a noise and LOVES it!
We went to our opthomologist a few weeks ago and everything was fine, but one thing he did suggest was patching his right eye about an hour a day. He wasn't sure, but he might have seen the left eye drifting some, so he suggested the patching. Somehow, I totally forgot about patching it until just the other day. It for sure DID NOT last an hour and today was our best at about 45 min.
Speaking of...i have to share a "moment" we had today. We were sitting on the floor and I had put on his eye patch, he was trying to tear it off and I was trying to distract him. Then I realized I could kill 2 birds with one stone and wrap up his right arm (keep it away from his eye) and work on his left arm stuff. I had just finished putting his arm brace on his left arm for the day and I was reaching to grab his boots to put them on and then I kind of chuckled to myself when I realized the scene we were dealing with. Arm brace, other arm completely wrapped up in a back brace, eye patch, and at that point, I just couldn't do the boots too. I cut the kid some slack and we let his feet be free. Poor boy!

Pretty cute cyclops if I do say so myself!!

My mom found these PJ's for him a long time ago in some clearance bin at gymboree. They have cowboys all over them. They are like grown man pajamas. Pretty funny. We thought all he needed was a pair of slippers, a newspaper, and a cup of coffee.

kan man and gay gay

New game with our curtains:
"Where's Kanyon???"

" PEEK A BOO!!!!!!!"

This is what I get when he sees the camera and comes straight for it!

That's about all around here. We're just truckin' along. We're glad its February because that means next month is March and the end of March is the end of House Arrest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erin Rosser Westrom said...

Love the picture of Kanyon and your mom; such a cute smile in that picture. May be one of my favorite blog pictures of all times.

Gay said...

Paw Paw wants the pirate to come here so they can get in the boat (pirate ship) and cruise the waters.

Holly said...

These pictures are awesome!! I love them. Yay for the end of house arrest!! Can't wait!

Rachel said...

Clint and I laughed at all these pictures - they are great. He is looking SO BIG these days, I can't even believe it. Good thing you keep up your blog or I might not even recognize him by the time house arrest is over.

*Kendra* said...

So stinkin' cute!

cassi rash said...

I can't believe how big Kanyon is getting! He is too cute! Did you ever get the Michael Phelps poster?

ali said...

so cute! the picture with gay is priceless you can tell he loves him some gay gay!! :)

martha crockett said...

He still looks adorable--even in all his "equipment"!