Monday, February 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Kanyon!

I've never been known for being on time, so why should my son's Christmas present be on time?? I wanted to get a toy box for Kanyon (or for me since he doesn't care where his toys are) and Kory wanted to build it. He worked really hard on it and did a great job! It was finished in time for Christmas, but we just now got it stained and coated. I have a few pictures of the process, but I realized today that I'm missing a few from the middle and end...don't have a clue what happened to those pics!

Last night was the big reveal and he loved it....playing in it! Kory is holding him up, don't worry!

Here is the proud new owner of a custom made by daddy toy box!

This picture of Kanyon makes me giggle.

It is a really big chest, so it is nowhere near full, but I figured at this point in life, toys only multiply. AND my living room is now in shambles because we had to move furniture around and out. I'm not good at that. I NEED HGTV to help me!


Sydni said...

What a great toy box. Good job, Kory! Impressive!

erin f. said...

I am extremely impressed by Kory's carpenter skills! That is a very nice looking toy box!

cassi rash said...

That is so cool! Kory is very handy! Plus it'll be a familiar heirloom 'cause Kory made it!

Holly said...

What a cool & special christmas present! I never knew Kory was so skilled. That will be such a special thing for so many years. Great idea!! We have missed seeing y'all!

Kyla said...

I am very impressed, Kory....with the toybox AND the go-T. Is that how you spell it? Anyway, will you build one for Ava now? Ha! Jk