Friday, May 29, 2009

Fish, The Mule, and The Blue Jay

Kanyon and I spent the last week in Paris having lots of fun with my fam. Kory came for Memorial Day weekend (along with lots of other people) but that is another post another day. We had a blast while in Paris, I'm not sure who was spoiled more me or Kanyon. I have TONS of pictures, so I'll have to break them up. This first post is about the staples of my parents house.

Feeding the fish:

This isn't exactly feeding the fish, but he loved splashing in the water

Here is klp throwing the food to the fish

Again...more throwing food.
You can kinda see the perch in this one. They hear us step on the pier and swim towards it. They love the food.

Here is a video of Kanyon feeding the fish. You can see that he means business when he feeds. Rapid fire seems to be his style. And you'll also see his mean mommy make him use his left arm. Enjoy.

The Mule
My mom got the Mule for my dad a couple of years ago and it is THE greatest thing in the world. There is NO TELLING how many miles my parents have driven their grandkids on this thing. They love it. klp went for MULTIPLE rides a day. See what I mean by spoiled. Doesn't he look so big and proud in this picture.

My dad would barely walk in the door from work (sometimes he didn't make it that far) before he was firing up the Mule and taking Kan for a spin.

This was the night we got there. Literally like 5 min. after we got there. No need to waste time.

Mr. Bird is the Blue Jay that lives in my mom's kitchen (she rescued it from my dogs when it fell out of its nest about 6 years ago). Kanyon really loves him. He scoots over to the cage all the time and reaches up for him...he giggles and squeals. He really gets a kick out of him.

Still in his PJ's, Kanyon pays Mr. Bird a visit first thing in the morning.
I have lots more fun pics of our week with our cousins!


cassi rash said...

How fun! I hate that we missed seeing everyone!

Natalie said...

seeing the bird cage in the kitchen made me miss G, the squirrel. Good times!

Sydni said...

The Mule is just plain fabulous and I LOVE seeing him feed the fish!