Saturday, May 2, 2009

No way to title all this randomness

This picture was not supposed to be first, but I loved it. Kanyon was "helping" his Aunt Frieda knit a blanket. By "help" i mean pull the string so that it unravels the thing. He really loved that yarn.

I've got a few pics to share of several things, so I'm putting them into one post.

A few weeks ago, we went to the Longview Rodeo with some friends. I hate we didn't get a picture of the other kids that were there. Kanyon got to wear his boots his Gram and Chief gave him when he was born AND his Wranglers that The Hills gave him when he was born! His pearl snap was a little small, but thats Ok. Here is the little cowboy. He wouldn't take his eyes off the rodeo to take a picture.

Here they are again...he's almost looking, but not quite.

Then on a whim, Me, Mindi, Natalie, and Holly decided to go to the Tyler Zoo. It was Kanyon's first trip and it was really fun. I love this picture because of how scattered we all are. Thats kinda how it was...I just hate you can't see cute little Addison B. in her stroller.

Checking out the elephants from afar. The big male was out and his trunk is so long they can't let you get too close.

THEN last weekend, Kory was gone with his college buddies to a baseball game, so Julie and Alison came to hang out with me and Kanyon! Julie's birthday was last month and Alison's was the day after they left, so I made a little bday cake and we celebrated!

I know the lighting is bad on this, but it was the best picture of the 4 of us before church.

Here are the girls hanging out with Kanyon. He had LOTS of fun with them!!! So fun!

AND possibly the best news is that Gram is here from Montana!!! She flew in to Dallas so she got to go to therapy with us Tues. and Wed. and we stayed with GREAT Aunt Frieda and GREAT Uncle Richard!

Kanyon particularly enjoyed the tupperware cabinet.

Chillin' with Uncle Richard

Despite the look on his face, Kanyon was NOT begging to be taken away! He loves these 2!

We're having lots of fun with Gram here!

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Sydni said...

Oh, man! Sayler was looking at your blog w/ me just now and said, "Oh. He's a sweet boy." I thought that was the end of her commentary and then she said, "He's SO cute!"

I sure love the little cowboy and the zoo trip looks like tons of fun! How fabulous!

You should go into the cake business - baking and decorating. Your cakes are just too amazing.