Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The 3 of us here are going through withdrawals today without Gram here with us. She left Monday afternoon and was able to stay swine flu free while here in Texas. We were really hoping she wasn't going to get it, take it back with her, and be responsible for adding Montana to the list of states with swine flu cases! Haha!

Friday, Clint and Rachel had to come to Longview for a while for a meeting, so we got to watch Nolan for a few hours. He is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! Seriously cute. I mean the REAL thing. I could just eat him up.

You try and resist this:

"Bring it on...I dare ya" says tough guy Nolan

Cousins havin' some fun

We went for a walk and it really brought out the serious side of Nolan. Not so much Kanyon.

Gram and klp, Aunt P with crazy hair and Nolan
While we were eating supper one night, we let Kanyon taste/lick some cantaloupe. He liked it as much as he likes any food. It would go something like this:
A hesitant taste:

a moment of reflection/psych himself up for another lick

go back for more!

Gram was our chief rocker/putter to sleep.
Since he was not totally repulsed by the cantaloupe, I put it in one of those mesh food things that I swore I would never have because they grossed me out so bad. He would chew on it some. That's success round our parts. As you can see, he was very skeptical.

We're also starting to try to learn to drink from something besides a bottle. Our ST at OCH suggested this Honey Bear thing. Its a honey bear with a tube for a straw. You can squeeze the bear and let the drink come up the straw and help them learn to suck on a straw. So far, he just blows on it and laughs really hard. He's very cautious and jerks away as soon as he feels the liquid (though this picture looks like he's doing it perfectly). He enjoys chewing on the straw also. Its all a part of the learning process with this new thing.

Here are the 2 buddies. We really missed Chief and wish he would've been with us.
Gram tried to pack him in her suitcase. He was all for it!


Corbitt Family said...

I know ya'll all had fun! I like your picture thing in the hall, it looks good there!

Rachel said...

Sweet pictures! Especially the ones with my kid in them. Send me those!

The Longley's said...

LOL, I love the picture of the two kids in the strollers! That one is priceless. I love keeping up with you guys!

Go To Girl said...

Susan is such a cute Gram! It was clearly a very good visit. 8-)

Jodi said...

Gotta love good cousin- and Grandparent-time!!! Great pics!

emilydavis said...

Hey guys!!

Kanyon-- You look GREAT with that honey bear AND the melon. Great work carrying all this over at home!! Kanyon looks SO BIG! And I love his boots in the previous post! Please give Kanyon a big hug for me!!

Marianne said...

Sweet boy cousins! Nolan is cute--that's for sure.

KLP & klp might need to take the comedy show on the road. Funny stuff.