Thursday, May 28, 2009

March for Babies

I realize I haven't been popping up on your Google Reader for a while....but here I am. I have several posts on the way, but we'll start with this one. A few weeks ago, we had the March of Dimes March for Babies. Kory had to work that morning, so Kanyon and I walked with the Briscoes. We actually walked with the NICU team from our hospital. It was fun to see all of our nurses and catch up with them.

Me and Holly with our one pounders

Me, klp, Holly, Addison, Patrick
I feel bad because I cut someone out of the picture here, but I think it was someone we didn't know anyways. Obviously, there have been lots of new nurses in the last 2 years, but we're glad to see that lots of our favs are still around.
Here they are!

They gave out shirts that said "NICU graduate" that's what that purple shirt is in the picture.

We had a great day with our old friends and were glad to be a part of the March for Babies. I don't know a ton about March of Dimes, but I know they love preemies so I love them!! :)
Later that night we headed out to the park for Cole's 1st bday. It was great fun! Cole and Kanyon were catching up while Pete looked on.

Christian and Kanyon on the swings.
So that is that. Happy Thursday!

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Michelle said...

Hi, I read your blog all of the time. I also read Amie and Paige's, so not sure who I clicked upon first? I have realized that I know a good friend of Paige's ( I told her friend and then she told her, then we commented on each other's blog...ANYWAY...) I just noticed a picture of Melissa on this post. Her brother, Mark and I went to school together. She may or may not remember me? Just had to confess to blog stalking you and mention what a small world it is. Take care,