Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Time of Year

Since Jayde and Kanyon's birthday in March I am almost constantly thinking back to what we were doing this time 2 years ago. I have driven to the hospital several times in the past few weeks for appointments and stuff and it feels all to familiar. The weather is the same, the road is the same, I'm just so glad there's not a pump beside me in the car and a baby waiting for me in a NICU. As we near the coming home celebration time of year, I thought I'd post some pictures of specific things I've thought about and in a weird way missed this time of year. Not miss in the sense that you want to do it again or you wish it was still that way, but that WAS a time in our life that has made us who we are, so there is some sentimental feelings attached to it. Maybe that makes some sense. Just for the record, these first few pictures are taken off either my blog or my sis in laws. I obviously wasn't with it enough to have my camera the first few days so I have none on my own computer. Please excuse the poor quality, but enjoy the sweetness.

Kanyon on Day 1 with Kory's hand. The whole ring fitting on his arm (and being very loose by the way) gets more amazing to me as time goes on. He was covered in saran wrap because he couldn't stay warm.
Jayde holding my hand. I have very few vivid memories of those first couple of days, but this is one. I remember being so proud of her that she had the reflexes to grasp my finger.

Nurse Jim moving Jayde to the other side.

Even though the bruising looks worse in this picture (NICU lighting isn't always the best) this is one of my favorite pictures of Jayde.
Going to visit. The nurses were so great to let my brothers come in while Kory's parents were on their way (and then they let Kory's brothers come in too) Here we are looking at Jayde. As scary as it was, notice the smiles on our faces.

Holding Kanyon. I was 100% scared and 100% happy. He was 100% cute. This was also the intro to the plaid pearl snap shirt.

Kory's first hold. Unfortunately, that was at least a month later.

You're never too tiny to be cool.

Holds became a little more frequent and I became a little less nervous. Kanyon remained very comfy!

We looked forward to the notes "from Kanyon" the night nurses wrote to us. They weighed and measured at midnight so they always left us a report.

Trip to Children's. These were dark days. 2 weeks.

My first Mother's Day. I spent it at Children's in Dallas, then the next year I spent it at Baylor for Feeding Camp in Dallas, so this year was my FIRST Mother's Day NOT in a hospital!!!

Hitting milestones. He hit 4lbs. and got to move to an open crib and wear clothes!

I remember this day because it was the day I decided I liked baby blue. I thought I was anti-baby blue all preparing to have a boy, but then I walked in they had him all wrapped up in this blue and he looked so cute.
We miss his Nurses. This is Kathy. We miss them all, but don't get to see her since she moved hospitals.

This is a little out of order but I got REALLY good at doing things through the isolette. i used to watch the nurses take care of other babies through those holes and wonder how in the world they did it. You really do figure it out pretty fast.

Growing hands.

Diaper rash trouble. I walked in one night and they said "he's back on oxygen" and I was so disappointed! Then I walked over there and they had the oxygen mask on his little hiney so it could dry out the rash. hahaha!

Our anniversary. We also spent the next one at Baylor so this was our first in 3 years NOT in a hospital!

klp's first bottle! I'm still mad at him for tricking us into thinking he was going to be a pro eater. I also loved this outfit. Martha, its from you. It was actually a preemie outfit that fit. It was tiny and so cute.

My little joey kangaroo was outgrowing the shirt. By the way, I did WASH the shirt, I just took it right back so I always had a button up shirt there.

This was when things started to get a little more fun. We were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and things were moving smoothly.

VISITORS!!! When we moved to IMC our friends could actually SEE Kanyon! Here are the Pruitts!
Once the Oxygen was gone, we could hold him up on our shoulders like a big boy. I am also reminded of the bubble. That was the temporary shunt draining.

This was the first night we were in IMC and our friends jumped and ran to come see Kanyon!

One of my FAV pictures. This was also another favorite little outfit.

More fav outfits.

This is hard to see, but one day I came to visit and rang the doorbell and KANYON answered it. Look really closely and you can see Nurse Melissa holding him up. By this time we were days away from going home and the nurses just played with him all day!

We came in one evening to visit and they said, "Y'all need to go somewhere! He's about to come home!!! " so we went to Beaver's Bend for a short little get-away and enjoyed ourselves before bringing our baby home.

Well, that should about cover it. Just a few weeks we'll celebrate the Phillips Phamily Independence Day!!!!


ewall said...

Kanyon in the sunglasses is one of my favorite pictures EVER. :)

sharon said...

i loved this. what sweet babies. i especially loved the hiney rash pic. could be the cutest bum ever!

Anonymous said...

Kory,Jaymie & Big Brother!

We are so, so happy for you......a Christmas baby! I'm praying for you each day and I know that God has things under control. Is there a trip to Montana in the works? It will be so fun to see you again......Kanyon is so adorable....I just get such a kick out of him. I wish I could do the boot scooty like he does! It's so hard to believe that babies can begin life so fragile and small and grow and develop into such beautiful people! We pray for a full term pregnancy and for relief from your queasy tummy! Love, Eldon & Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how much I love your blog, Jaymie. You guys are all so special. I love keeping up with Kanyon's progress. The pictures are priceless. Love you Guys, Jana Floyd

Chelsa said...

these pictures give me chills!

Holly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! I know it is such an emotional/exciting time of year for you guys. One I can relate to. As it gets closer to Addison's 1st birthday I find myself thinking more and more often of what we were doing this time last year. She wasn't here yet, but we were going thru all sorts of stuff to prepare for our new life in Texas. Boy, we sure didn't know how quickly our lives would change when we got here. You guys are such amazing parents and we are so excited that you are having another one. I pray for all 4 of you daily!! Love the post!!!

annalee said...

i'm so glad you share your thoughts of every kind. it is so good to remember and look back. those pictures are precious. so are y'all!

Amy said...

Jaymie, your post brought tears to my eyes. You guys have been through so much, thank you for sharing your feelings, it is a blessing. The pictures are just unbelievable, wow.

I think of you often and pray for you guys. Been meaning to email you back, so sorry I haven't but thank you for all of your help with the feeding stuff with OCH.

More importantly, CONGRATULATIONS on another precious baby! How fun and Kanyon is going to be an awesome big brother. Will be praying for a healthy pregnancy. Take care!

Robyn said...

I was way behind on reading blogs, so I just read your big news! How wonderful! No, you never reach a point where you have it "together" enough for another one, but each one gives you another go-to reason for why your house, car, yard, and hair/makeup are not clean or fixed. You will have so much fun! And Kanyon will be a wonderful big brother. Each of you will be in my prayers every day of this pregnancy, you especially. Congratulations!

DCVol said...

Loving those babies~ how precious are they? I myself think it is so good and healthy to be able to look back and "feel" what was going on along our journeys....for me some days it is really hard to let myself do that; but I think you rock and I am always inspired by your strength, outlook and energy~ keep on keep'in on! Hugs, KJS

mindy said...

Thanks for continuing to share the story of Kanyon and Jayde. Her little precious body was so fragile, but her spirit left a fight in her brother that will carry him a lifetime. He is such a big boy...I especially love your pictures on the new header! I pray daily for you and Kory and Kanyon and will now be praying for the new little one. May God continue to bless each of you. Hugs!

Jodi said...

J-me, what a PRECIOUS post! TEARS! (you know I can't read anything like that without cryin'!!) The FIVE :) of you have been through so much as a family, and I am forever changed and blessed (thanks to the blessed blogworld) to have followed along during your journey. Because of you guys, July 4 has new and fabulous meaning for me!!!

Love that little KanMan! Some of those were my favorites too! Especially the sunglasses.... love it. LOVE him!! :) LOVE YOU!

kt said...

Yes, tears. I always look forward to the posts and I love to see Kanyon's pictures! Karen

The Davis Daily said...

I loved all the pics and hearing the story. We will keep you in our prayers for a very healthy pregnancy and baby.

Rand and Maggie said...

Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane! I love seeing these especially after keeping klp on Friday. Thank you for that privilege!
Love you all,