Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures of the Big Brother

Before I go you love my new header?? My cuz Paige took a few pictures of Kanyon while we were in Paris. She is a photographer in the DFW area and is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! She got great shots of Kan and like 2 days later this header was in my inbox!! If you need the best photographer in the world, check her out
And I must say thank you to my sis in law Rachel who received this header in HER inbox shortly after because I have NO CLUE how to change it. Where would my blog be without Paige and Rachel??

Not quite sure how to follow that last post. WOW! Thanks for all of your sweet comments. It feels so good to know that so many people love this baby already and are praying for our healthy pregnancy! Thank you!

I haven't posted much lately so I went to my camera to see what pictures I had on it. Not many, but here are a few.

Gary and Sharon came over and watched Kanyon so we could go to dinner for our Anniversary. They have been LIFE SAVERS for us. They love Kanyon so much and he loves them! SO DO WE!!! Not sure what happened to his pants. He probably didn't want to put them on so they didn't make him. They're cool like that.

For some reason, I've never thought to let klp play the piano at my aunt and uncle's house. We're over there all the time and it has never occurred to me. He LOVED it. I wish you could see his face better...he's sticking his tongue out with his mouth wide open. Total concentration. He loved the piano! Notice he's playing with this left hand (if you look closer, you'll see that I'm holding down his right one, but thats OK!)

We went back to Windridge Friday and had a great time. We'd had to miss several other appointments out there so we were happy to finally get to go again. He loved it and did great. This picture is of him up on all 4's but you can't see it good. He got tired doing this...its HARD, but he did great. I wasn't planning on including this in this post, but his therapist gave me a handout thingy with some info on it about hippotherapy and there was one particular part that was interesting, so I thought I'd share it: The key to success for this therapeutic approach is that at a walk, the horse's movement causes the rider's pelvis/hips to move almost the same way as it moves when they walk on the ground. This is meaningful to their body, especially if they have trouble walking or can't walk. In normal growth, when children begin to walk, they also blossom in many other areas such as their speech, curiosity, and understanding, in addition to their strength, balance and coordination. When these children feel the movement of a horse, their bodies seem to "wake up" a bit and they often progress faster in many areas and movement seems to "make more sense" to them-possibly for the first time in their lives.
that says it much better than I did/could do.
Here is just ONE of the reasons why Kasey is one of klp's favorite people. Not only is she a great hostess/friend/roommate/2nd mommy when we're in Dallas every week, but she's lots of fun. She gave klp a roll of paper towels and he was happy for hours! By the end of the night they were all over her apartment, but she didn't care!!!

I took this today when I sat down in the hall to take his picture playing. He saw me, stopped playing and this is what happened. I was attacked!!! Pretty fierce, huh? please ignore my nasty spider toes.

One of his favorite places is the drawer in our coffee table. He LOVES to open it and sit and play and pull everything out. This one is OK because its just pens and phone books and stuff. The other one has candles and a couple of breakable things in it. He's actually learning that he can only open the other one. LEARNING....not LEARNED, but we're getting better!

yes, the pants coming down is still a problem around here. Probably will be until the booty scoot is no more. Which isn't happening any time soon! :)


Jodi said...

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE him and his little pantless-self! Wish he could come over to MY house and play MY piano! I'd take him for y'all to have date night ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! :)

Thanks for putting that thing about his horse therapy too. Helps me to understand that kinda thing better. :)

Gay said...

I LOVE that boy!!!!!!!

annalee said...

what handsome pictures of the big brother! love your new header.

Paige said...

Thank you for your kind words. It is an honor to photograph that sweet babe and I am just as excited to photograph that new little one!

LOVE the low rider Kanyon!

Chelsa said...

love the pictures and the update!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

Congrats on your anniversary and your new baby. We saw your family at CDR Sunday, and he told us about the baby, so I was eager to get on your blog and see what was going on. Can't wait! What fun.

Molly Woodall said...

I love the new header...but even more - I love those new pictures! Tooo Tooo Sweet!
Now, about the pants coming down....I thought that was klp doin' his "swagger" thing! You know Mom, all the cool kids do it!
Thank you AS ALWAYS for sharing your baby....ooops...I meant babies!

tleaf10 said...

I understand about the ridin the horse thing ... anybody that rides horses knows it's a workout! Even when you don't realize it, there are muscles moving and working. I can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!

DCVol said...

K cracks me up~ his little personality just jumps out of the computer screen....what a doll face. And I totally love his shorts slippage :). Your header is soooo cute and I really am so, so, so happy for you guys and the awesome baby news! Keep on keep'in on when it comes to therapy we had a double whammy of OT and PT and the boy was fried once it was all done. Hugs, KJS