Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Bit of Everything

klp loves my orange folder. My orange folder is precious to me. I keep all of his paperwork, info, insurance stuff, etc. that I need at appointments and stuff. It fills up in no time and I have to thin it out and file it in the filing cabinet, but on any given day there are HUNDREDS of papers in that folder......or on my floor if I leave it in a low place!

I really want a picture of what his diaper looks like when his pants come down. This doesn't speak highly of my housekeeping, but i PROMISE i sweep and mop on a very regular basis!!! SHEESH!!! This pic doesn't do it justice, but I tried. Ollie was jealous he wasn't in the picture.
So I put him in this one. They really do love to be around each other.

Remember those drawers I talked about in a previous post. The ones in the living room where there is one he can get in (with the pens and stuff...i had a pic of him playing in it) and one he's not supposed to get in. He's done pretty good with it, but the other day I was gone to a wedding shower and when I got in, Kory said, "you know how sometimes I turn my back and Kanyon does stuff......" and he held up this candle. He bit it!!!!!! If you look closely you can see the perfect mold of his 4 front teeth! It looks like a bunny or a beaver took a nibble. Of course he went into a major gagging fit (as he does if ANYTHING with texture touches his tongue) but he made it through Ok. I just can't throw this candle away. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

We were getting ready for church Sunday and KLP went to put some flip flops on klp. When he came back in the room, he had on this!!!! Uncle Clint and Aunt Sydni gave it to him a while back and we've been WAITING for it to fit his teeny tiny little head!! Aunt Sydni...do you like him better in the MSU BLUE??!!!! :) He looked so cute and even left it on for a little bit before he took it off. Its a little big, but not too bad, now we just have to teach him to leave it on!

On Friday, our great friend Terri Lee came through. She is a friend from CDR and we don't get to see her near enough. Of course klp LOVED her!!! Thanks for stopping by Terri!

Last week in Dallas we got to eat dinner with Auntie Ali. Afterwards, we went to her apartment so the two of them could play the guitar!! Kanyon LOVED it and Ali was a great teacher!
Yeah for Auntie Ali!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


ali said...

so cute! can't wait for tomorrow :)

Leah said...

His hat is too cute! I have seen slippers at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that you wear to buff your floor. I say forget the sweeping and mopping and let the diaper do the cleaning! Ha!!

tleaf10 said...

I was so glad I got to see you guys!

Robyn said...

Wow--it would seem that Kanyon is living large, what with getting correspondence from world leaders and Olympic medalists! I love the bite mark in the candle. A conversation piece now.