Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Paris was a happenin' place Memorial Day weekend. All the guys camped out at the land and had a shot gun/archery tournament, cooked manly food, etc. etc. While they were out, all us gals were at my parents' house playing with our babies. I'll just get started with the massive amount of pictures.

The first night Caden needed a bath, so Kanyon had to take a bath with his cuz! Doodle said Caden LOVED baths so we thought this would be great. Well, Caden didn't seem to be enjoying himself and kept wanting to get out.

as you can see by the look on his face. And as you can see by the look on my child's face, he was having a blast. That was the problem. I took Kanyon out and then Caden had fun. I think he was overwhelmed by klp's intense splashing. I was sorry we ruined Caden's bath, but I was kinda glad my kid overwhelmed another kid for a change. Usually he's the one getting overwhelmed!
Saturday we put the little ones in the pool. The liked pushing the sides down and watching the water pour out. Whatever works. Despite the chilly temps, they had fun! btw, kan is NOT wearing a speedo, I just forgot his swimsuit so he's just in a swim diaper. He was totally embarrassed and mad at me.

Caden looks like he's growling....King of the Pool!

They splashed like CRAZY together in the pool. Happy Birthday today Caden!!!!!!!!!!

klp is checking out his swim trunks. He's jealous.

Rachel and Clint were out of town and Clay and Mo's girls were getting over a little bug so they missed Saturday. We tired to get a pic of the Ford triplets, kan, and caden....Marlee was the best at looking at the camera, she just wouldn't stay put.

This pic pretty much explains it all. Usually the kids stayed in a pack which left one or maybe 2 people with all of them piling on! This time it was Hollee.

One of the greatest things about being home is that my mom feeds Kanyon a lot. A very welcomed favor.

Kyle and Shanna brought their SO CUTE puppy Molly and the kids loved her....actually so did the adults. How great is this pic of Caden?!

Cousin Nathan and Kanyon

Ollie learned a new trick this weekend. He became a diving dog. He could see the fish and would try and dive in and get them. I'm pretty sure he was unsuccessful every time, but it was funny to see him dive in head first and go that far under water. Notice Kanyon's blurry arm in the back chunking fish food. Ollie on the prowl.......

And in he goes!!

Avery and Landry got to come over Sunday after church so we took a picture. Avery decided she was too big for this baby picture, so here are all the kids except Avery:
Landry, Marlee, Lilly, Beau, Caden, Kanyon

Are they the same person or what?

Sam, Adam, and Clay taking the Mule for a spin.

These are just some cute pics of Kanyon that Doodle took.

Oh man this is SOOOO him!

OK OK OK OK OK no more pictures!! Happy Weekend!


Shanna said...

We had a great time seeing you guys!!! Can't wait till next time!

Chelsa said...

i can't believe how old he looks :)
klp that is!