Friday, October 2, 2009

Eating Camp Day 11

Not much new to report today. Everything with eating and therapy is about the same. Kory has to work Sat. morning, so he'll be here in the afternoon. My mom/life saver is still here and will leave sometime tomorrow when Kory gets here.

As I type this belly is visibly wobbling all over the place. I am SOOO happy that baby is still in there. Speaking of, I'm in my 3rd trimester. I'm a first time 3rd trimester-er!!

This picture below shows a couple of things we've had fun with lately. For weeks I've been trying to get klp to stick his tongue out.....I know that will eventually be something he gets in trouble for, but I want him to learn new sounds, so I've been trying to get him to find his tongue. Well, he found it today. He sticks it out and wiggles it around. He can't quite find it on command, but when he remembers its there, he has a good ol' time with it.

The other thing is his "computer". He always wants to play with the lap top, so we found a toy in the play room that is computer-ish. Its actually a McDonald's cash register, but don't tell him that. He LOVES it!!

Cliff and Jacey Kerby and Deon came by this afternoon/evening to visit us and bring us yummy Mexican food from one of their fav places. The food was great and the company was EVEN BETTER. Thanks y'all!!!

I realize I look like I'm bending over like I'm in pain in this picture. Not sure why. I feel fine, I just don't know how to stand up and smile I guess.

Happy Weekend!


Tammy said...

What a cutie! Looks like all good news! You guys are in my prayers! Love you!

Paige said...

Just wanted to drop by and say that I love you. Give Kanyon a great big hug!

Sydni said...

I'm super excited about the sippy cup possibility AND that you're a third trimester-er now. Woo-hoo!!