Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eating Camp Weekend Update

We had a good weekend. Kory made it here Saturday afternoon and we had a great time. Kanyon ate and drank pretty good this weekend (last weekend he didn't do as good) with the different people feeding him. I am hoping to touch base with the director by Tuesday at least to see about progress and going home. I think at the very longest we'll be here 2 more weeks.

I'll let the pictures give you a little peek into our weekend.

klp and KLP sharing a little beef jerky

Not to be irreverent, but sometimes we go play in the chapel. It has doors so he has room to roam but can't get away, no one is ever in there, klp likes the stained glass...... it's just a good place to play. It also has carpet which, as we all know, can cause klp to loose his britches.

I included this one because they have the same look on their face.

Phillips Pham self photo
As you've seen, Kory did a lot of carrying Kanyon around on his shoulders. I took a lot of pictures because I just think its so cute.

Not sure if this was klp overwhelmed with love for his daddy or if he was taking a rest, but either way it was pretty sweet.

Maybe a new favorite pic of my klp
Oh yeah, the chapel also has a piano too. Pretty fun.

This weekend update includes NO trips to the hospital. I'm feeling good. Here is my belly at 28 weeks and 5 days. I'm growing, but still don't think I'm as big as I was with the twins.

I had Kory bring us a couple of new toys from home and we sent a couple back with him that had lost their charm. klp was SOOOOOOOO happy to see Slinky Dog. By "see" I mean lick and spin.
YEAH FOR SLINKY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and one sock...that seems to be all we can keep on these days)

Thanks for keeping up with us. We realize that we have an incredible support system and we DO NOT take that for granted. We are so very thankful. Our church as a whole, small groups, ladies class, etc. have kept a steady flow of treats, snacks, and time passers this whole 2 weeks. Friends are keeping Kory fed while I'm gone, comments and prayers from ALL OVER, calls, emails, etc. have been non stop. I know that most people don't have the kind of encouragement and support we have and I wish they did. This place is full of people doing this alone. Thank you for making sure the Phillips Pham is NEVER alone!!!


mindy said...
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mindy said...
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mindy said...

Oh, Jaymie, everytime I come to your blog, I just tear up...tears of such joy! First of all, Kanyon is just adorable and I am so proud of his progress. I am hoping you'll be able to go home soon! Also, I LOVE seeing your pregnant belly...and YEA FOR THIRD TRIMESTER! I continue to pray daily for your sweet family...hugs

Sarah said...

You look so pretty pregnant!! It's so encouraging to read your blog and it's great to hear that Kanyon seems to be doing better with the eating. I truly hope he continues on this good path!

Chelsa said...

you look great at 28 weeks! i'm 19 and probably as big as you!

glad things are going well at eating camp!

Spiess-cadets said...

i am so stinking pumped that the slinky dog made it to eating camp!!!

Specks said...

How adorable is that boy? I love the pics of him on daddy's sweet. You look adorable, preggo lady :). Of course we love your TENNESSEE shirt you are wearing, too :). So thankful that K had a good eating and drinking weeknd~ that is definitely something to celebrate!!!

Olson Family said...

Kanyon looks so grown up! When he smiles he looks like such a mature little boy! Praying for progress so you guys can get home soon after accomplishing a lot.

Teresa said...

I love the pictures. Kanyon is so cute in all of these with his Daddy! Almost 29 weeks!!! Yea!! I know Kory isn't going hungry, but I would still like to feed hime while you are gone. Miss you

JeremyNSunny said...

I'm writing about my tears of joy, too. :) It was your comment about never having to do our 'tough stuff' alone that touched me deeply this blog, 'cause ... for those of us who have NEEDED support during trying times, and received it in abundance, even the remembrance of it brings floods of appreciation and rejoicing at the way the Father provides for His people, often through His people. :)

You guys are sparkling! :) Keep shining the Light for all to see. You're in our prayers.

Love & hugs, the Foldings

Jodi said...

Celebrating ALL your victories with you! 28 wks, 5 days.... and COUNTING! Yay! And klp having a good eating/drinking weekend, good Daddy time, it is all praise-worthy FOR SURE! Love y'all! I am so glad you don't feel all alone because you are SO NOT! :)

Can you email me an address where you are? Can you get mail? :)