Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eating Camp Weekend Update

Hopefully this will be our last weekend update!! My mom left on Thursday and Kory got here Thursday night. We wanted him to be here on Friday so that he could watch the therapists feed Kanyon and see how it works. WEEEELLLLLLLLL it didn't quite go that way. He felt TERRIBLE Friday. He woke up feeling bad and something just wasn't right. He was puney all day so we didn't do any meals, we just had a few bottles. He started feeling better on Saturday and we tried to eat a couple of times and he did OK, but not great. He finally got back to his normal self today, so that was nice. We think that maybe a new medicine we tried upset his stomach. It was FOR his stomach (well, his poopie situation) but we're thinking we won't try that one again.

The good thing was that his speech therapist was actually here feeding Saturday morning (usually its a tech which is fine, they're good, but I wanted him to see his actual therapists that feed him and work with him every day), so Kory got to watch her and then Kory fed him several times over the weekend. The therapists or feeding techs are in the room helping or answering questions while the feeding is going on, so its nice to have them there, but it makes me nervous. Kory did great and I'm glad he got to be here to watch, learn, and ask questions. Its kind of a nerve racking process having someone in there watching your every move and every word that comes out of your mouth. Its not that the routine/protocol is that difficult, its just that its set up to be done EXACTLY the same way every time. That means you have to say exactly the right thing and do exactly the right thing and it can be overwhelming to try and keep it all straight during a feeding.

I started feeding klp Thursday where I thought I wouldn't start until Monday. SOOOO I'm thinking maybe that can cut a day or two off our stay...maybe MAYBE!! We'll see. As of now, the plan is to go home Thursday. It was much easier saying bye to Kory tonight when I know we're so close to being home.

We are ready for week 4!


Kelli said...

That is great news! So glad things are working out and Kanyon is doing so well.

Leah said...

GO TEAM PHILLIPS! Going to miss you at Homecoming this weekend!!!