Saturday, October 24, 2009


We've been home for a little over a week now and I just can't get my feet on the ground. I am SLIGHTLY (by slightly I mean MAJORLY) overwhelmed as we try to settle into things. It doesn't help that klp has YET to sleep through the night (well, the first night he did....for 12 hours!) and we can't figure out why. BUT all of that is another post for another day. For now I will share pics of our great weekend in Gilmer for the Yamboree.

I managed to remember to dump my camera so my memory card would be empty and ready for pics, but didn't notice my battery was dead til we got there. So these are all Mo's pics and maybe Rachel will send me hers later.

Landry and Nolan waiting with great anticipation for the parade to begin!

The two big girls. They turned 3 yesterday. Seriously? 3??!! They are at such a fun age for everything at the Yamboree, they loved it! And no, we didn't tell them to pose like this. They just did the exact same thing.

Part of our crew on the curb and part standing up on the grass. Do you like how my giant belly makes my stripes look like an optical illusion?? Nice.

We were at the end of the parade route so there were a few times that there were some gaps in the floats. Landry was totally bored waiting for the next one to turn the corner!

Here we are with our crew (klp, landry, nolan, avery, roselyn) and Norah and Caden too!

These signs are all over town on different businesses. So very festive.

I will just say that klp LOVES his cousins. Its so fun to watch him. He gets so excited...he squeals and laughs so much! Here he is laughing at Avery.

Almost the whole group......

Ahhhh NOLAN!!!! YEAH! And you can see Avery decide that she wants to hold HER baby sister since Ro is holding Nolan.

Landry says I'M NOT A BABY!!!!!!!!!!

These two are particularly big buddies right now. Landry is SOOO sweet. Wherever Kanyon goes, she goes. She loves to rub his head and follow him everywhere. Here she is about to get a kiss from klp.

Mom with all her little chicks.

Back and my grandparents' house after a nap. I LOVE this picture. 1. the look on his face is SO him. 2. he is missing a sock on the other foot. always. 3. his mouth is covered in food! Haha! 4. This tractor has been around since we were little. Its been ridden many many miles. Kan was content to just sit on it. Which is probably good because I'm not sure it works anymore.

Not sure what Kory was doing, but it was VERY funny!

Back on the tractor after church Sunday. Now you know the truth about why he loves the tractor....the steering wheel spins! Yep. that's all he cared about. He would spin and lick!

I realize all these pictures are of the little ones. We had a great time with our WHOLE family and everyone except 1 cousin and 1uncle were there. The weather was perfect and we had a great weekend!


sharon said...

i laughed out loud at your optical illusion comment. it is a very cute optical illusion! i LOVE the pic of kanyon and landry on the swing. oh, and the tractor pics. okay, i loved it all! :)

Hilary said...

What great pictures..cute kiddos too!!! :)

erin f. said...

I love the family picture of you guys in front of the Yamboree are such a cute pregnant person...I keep forgetting how far along you are, it won't be long at all now before another little Phillips comes along, I am soooo excited!