Thursday, April 21, 2011

In the mean time...

****Before you read this blog....Did you notice my awesome blog makeover??!?!!!  My sweet friend Sharon did an ambush makeover on it.  She thought it was time to include Quinn!! haha!! Thanks Sharon! If you love it, you should see all the amazing things she does with her business Redbud Designs. CHECK IT OUT! She can do ANYTHING!!!*****

I'm still gathering pictures, etc. from our fund raiser so I'll have to wait to post about it. So, while you wait, I'll post lots of random pictures I like. 

klp and Gay Gay reading a bedtime klp did not break his leg, thats his new immobilizer that he sleeps in at night.  

klp and his PT Celia working on standing up straight and tall. Thank you to Elmo for providing the necessary distraction while klp works!

Oh dear....Q never saw this coming! I was able to stop soon as I snapped this picture.  
Much better sweet brothers

Its kinda blury, but I love this picture of klp. He was laying down by me and looked so sweet. 

There is a park in Longview that is for kids of all abilities.  The boys love these big swings.  On this particular day, the swings were full so they shared!

Driving the fire truck

Q and a basketball. Always.

This might be one of my all time fav pics of Quinn.  

Q doesn't like his feet touching the grass.....he holds them up while he crawls....

I rarely use my umbrella stroller. I usually have both boys with me.  But this day I only had Q and just needed to make one quick stop in a store.  He looked like an elephant on a bicycle but oh well.  

Every time q wears these pants, the pockets turn inside out and hang out.  No matter how many times I put them back in, they fall back out. 

Quinn and Daddy catching up after Daddy got home from work.  A Phillips Phamily Phavorite for sure.  

klp loves to sit on this box in the corner.  He gets so excited when he climbs up there (it takes a lot of time and a lot of work, but he can do it!) and he just sits there.  

The drive home from lunch with Daddy was just too much for these two sleepy heads.  

klp has been really into wearing his hat lately. I love it so much!!  He points to his head and said "aaaaaa"

Still loving the bbal goal and our KD jersey!  klp can lean up against the wall independently and shoot standing up (here he's getting a little help from KLP) 

another evening at the park rocking in the car thingy...check out q's knees from crawling!  Yucky!  

OK there is a snippet of our goings on lately.


Sydni said...

I sure like your blog makeover and am very proud (maybe that's not exactly the word I'm looking for) of your fund raising work for the NICU.

Specks said...

Oh my goodness....these pics are just too amazing. All of them are just gorgeous. Love the blog make-over and the KAJ Foundation is SO AWESOME. Kanyon standing up truly makes my jaw drop because I know HOW MUCH WORK he has done to get there....once again, that boy is a total, all-out ROCK STAR. And Quinn, could he be any cuter with those toes up when he crawls!??!

sharon said...

you are so very welcome! i am loving all of the pics with four little black chucks next to one another. so sweet.