Monday, June 27, 2011

Quinn 18 months

I'm not really committed to doing posts at each month or anything but I do feel like 18 months deserves its own  "update post".  As of June 8, Quinn Spencer is 18 months old!!  That seems like the exit from babyhood and the entrance to toddlerhood.  He's made a grand entrance all right! 

He cracks us up non stop.  The things he tries to do and the things he "says" are really funny.  Proof of funny-ness coming up in pictures. 

His personality seems a little hesitant.  He's pretty much scared of everything at first try.  Noises, places, people, things, animals, anything.  He's hesitant and scared.  We usually kind of force him into it and he does fine and enjoys whatever is going on.  I find it a bit hilarious when he gets REALLY scared and screams and shakes like he's in a horror movie. I guess thats mean, but I kind of get a kick out of it. He is very cautious too.  He STILL stops and holds on to the doorway when he walks over the doorway.  Its like a 2 cm. "step" but he thinks he has to stop and hold on to the wall to step over it.  He gets to a curb and stops and cries because he can't get down.  He might try but if he looses his balance (even if he doesn't fall), the tears flow.  Despite his desire to be held all the time or be in my lap (if I'm on the floor kneeling or even ALMOST sitting to do something else, he will weasel his little booty into my lap) he does fine when I'm not around.  He is actually better when I'm not around...less fussing. He is still a fantastic sleeper and is zero trouble to put down for naps or night time. Wakes up happy and playing in his bed. 

He is really in to using the fork and spoon or holding his own food. He thinks he's big stuff now that he can hold a banana all by himself! He has a sweet tooth like his daddy and lets it be known if he is unhappy with the food on his plate.  At meal times, we marvel at how Kanyon is our EASY child to feed these days.  Q is the difficult one!! haha!! 

He is becoming quite the talker....fully embracing the gibberish stage of language development.  Its pretty cute gibberish!!  He has lots of words that he can say: ball, bat, goal, I don't know (I no no), no, yes, eat, drink, bye, car, go, swing, bubba, mama, dada, gay gay, paw paw, ollie, dog, book, read, up, please, amen, more, night night, bath, out, down, light, tee tee, poo poo,....more that I can't think of...
some of these are more clear than others. He speaks fluent "Kanyon-eese".  He says so many things JUST LIKE KANYON.  Its hard to explain  what it sounds like, but if you've ever heard Kanyon talk, you know how he sounds.  Quinn sounds EXACTLY like him.  Its really funny to us, and fascinating at the same time to see how he's learning.  For example, when klp wants food, he says "lmmm" its not really "food" but I think it came from saying "mmmmmmm" because something taste good.  Anyways, Quinn never tries to say "food" or "eat" but only "mmmmmm" like Kanyon!  Its pretty funny and I'm sure he'll eventually start to say things "correctly" so I'm enjoying these little sounds now.  Speaking of copying Kanyon, we find it ironic that he NEVER tried to scoot like klp.  EVER.  All of our other friends/cousins/ anyone that is around him has tried to scoot like him.  Except Quinn.  Hmmmm.

He is our resident animal sounds expert.  He loves them and knows them all.  Our favorite is probably his duck sound.

He is definitely our LOUD child....his cries are VERY LOUD and he cries off and on all the time (which you probably already knew of you've read the blog before!).  I guess that makes him dramatic!! UGHH!!  So far, he's pretty obedient which is good, but I have a feeling he hasn't quite discovered the idea of NOT minding.  Great.

 He is finally getting more teeth. I think at least 4...maybe 6 are on their way in right now.  Ouch. 

His favorite toys are his baseball bat, ball, any ball he can find, the cozy coupe, and this little flip up board book he carries all over the house.

Though the screaming and fussing is enough to send me over the edge by the end of the day, I am absolutely overwhelmed with how happy I am and how thankful I am to be doing what I'm doing every single day.  I am living my dream!  Its hard to believe that Baby Quinn is 18 months old!!  We love him so much!!

Here is the funny man:  The boys have discovered sunglasses....q has especially enjoyed them.  

He likes to wear them but I think he can't quite get used to the way things look when they are on. So, he ends up trying to look under them but still keep them on.  Here he is trying to eat his strawberries in style: 

YIKES! Looks like I'm getting the stink eye! Those eyebrows are very "active".  He's been a scowler since he was a little bitty baby!

Thanks for a GREAT 18 months qsp!!!


Key said...

Hey Jaime,

I enjoyed your blog because it is so much like watching you in your classroom. Forever the great educator!


erin f. said...

I thought that first picture was kanyon at first... They look more and more alike!

He's growing up fast. Ellie is afraid of eveything too and does the shake of terror. I love scaring her though.. Hehehe

Jodi said...

I could just eat him up. I mean, seriously. You do SUCH a great job of documenting all those things about each kid that might be forgotten later.... ones that Mommy will LOVE reading years down the road... and the same that those of us that don't live close LOVE reading right NOW! You inspire me!! :)

Btw, loved every. single. vacation pic. FABULOUS memories. :)

Miss you...