Saturday, December 3, 2011

Budding Rock Stars

I never thought I'd be the parent of rock stars, but I've recently learned otherwise.  We have these magnet toys that the boys were playing with and KLP showed them how to use them like a microphone (first he announced the "basketball team" then he sang the national anthem).  The microphone thing really took off with these two and they've been "building" microphones and rockin' out ever since.

This picture kills looks like klp is soooo IN TO his song.

And here's a little clip of the insanity..... I mean concert.


Marianne said...

Brother fun! Love it!!! Maybe Santa will bring REAL microphones! Now, wouldn't THAT be fun!!

Karessa said...

I think we all know where they get their rock star talent! Kory is a champ on the mic and I saw your elf video.