Monday, December 5, 2011

Kanyon's new bike

I mentioned it before, but klp just got a new bike! He had outgrown his first one, so his PT brought us a bigger one. This one is a little different and it is so great.  Best of all, klp can do most of the work himself.  We live on a hill so our driveway and our street is slanted. That makes it harder, but he LOVES his new bike.  He says, "I wanna ride me bike" all the time!! Here he is the first time he took it for a spin.  His PT was holding on with a dog leash, but we have since added a bar to hold.


Specks said...

Go Kanyon, GO! I especially loved the concert they did with their microphones~ those two brothers are SO SWEET together.

Jodi said...

"I forgot about Quinn..." LOVE IT. :)

That is amazing! He is SO riding that bike!!! We are about to start practicing pedaling... I might need some tips from Kanyon soon!!! :) :) :)

annalee said...

hooray hooray grand kanyon! love it!