Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quinn is 2!

December 8th our Quinn Man turned 2.  He's been cheating and saying he's 2 for a few weeks because he started making a 2 with his hands so I went with it.  Of course, since turning 2, he only makes a 1 or a 3 with his fingers.  Oh dear.  

He's talking more and more and it is cracking us up!  We love hearing things just pop out of his mouth that we had no clue he said.  He's done awesome with the Potty training and in the last 2-3 weeks, I'd say he just about has it 100%.  We still have our moments, but they are few and far between.  He's healthy, strong, and energetic....all the things a little boy should be.  He can spot an airplane or a pump jack (what a good little East Texas boy) from a long ways away and loves to identify sports fields.  He's relatively obedient, but doesn't take NO for an answer (at least not with a good attitude).  He's hilarious, wild, loud, and cautious.  He's the best 2 year old I know :)  

Here he is the morning of his birthday showing (and saying) "tattoo" and pointing to his tattoo Gram sent him.  

He may be big now that he's 2, but his Fruit of the Looms are still baggy and Daddy's boots are still too big! 

Trying to give me the stink eye, but cracking a smile instead.  

It seems silly to try to describe how great I think he is because he's too great for words.  Instead I'll share a COUPLE (get it....2) things about him

Favorite Books:
Does a Kangaroo Have a Mother Too?
 Here Comes Santa Claus

Favorite Food:
Fruit (particularly "chawbees"/strawberries and "Oor"/Oranges
Sweets...ANYTHING sweet.

Favorite activities:
playing with any kind of ball

Funniest words:
Unnerwear (underwear)
I would say Buttball (football) but he DOESN'T SAY IT ANYMORE!!! BOOOO!!!

Personality Traits:
Nurturing and sweet (he pats, rocks, kisses, etc. all his stuffed animals)
Fussy and LOUD (he cries LOUD at the drop of a hat.  Work in Progress.  WORK.IN.PROGRESS)

He still kicks his legs when he's going to sleep. He's literally done this his whole life
He knows where the Donut shop is and says "Don Don" every time we pass it. Oops.

Favorite Songs:
Take Heart (from Seeds of Worship series)
"Jesus" not sure what specific song he's talking about, but every night when I'm rocking him he tells me to sing  "Jesus". So i just think of a song with Jesus in it.

Size info:
95% for both height and weight.
Maybe this size is what contributes to this, but he is the OPPOSITE OF NIMBLE.  I'm not sure what he word is, but he is SO NOT NIMBLE.  He makes everything he does look so hard.  Like climbing, stepping up, rolling over something, ANYTHING.  He just isn't smooth and quick like that.  Its funny to watch him around other kids his age because he's bigger than a lot of them, but they would beat him in an obstacle course for sure! hahaha! Its pretty funny!

Favorite People:
Paw Paw
(sure, he loves me, but if either of those 2 are around they are #1 choice)

Biggest Joys:
Singing (he gets in his own world and sings loud all the time.  He's gonna be that kid in Kindergarten that goes to the bathroom and forgets everyone can hear him and just belts out singing in the bathroom)
Reading (he loves for me to read to him. He goes and picks out a book, sits in my lap, reads, then goes and gets another one....over and over and over.

Biggest *ahhheem* Challenges:
Deleting the word "no" from his vocabulary.  He says it because it gets a reaction out of Kanyon....so he keeps saying it. Oh dear.

Favorite animals:
"ping pong" (penguin)

Nick Names:
Cheeky Bull (that goes all the way back to his newborn days)
Bubba (said a million bajillion times by Kanyon)

We love him to pieces and we're so proud of him.  Happy Birthday Quinn Spencer!


Gay said...

You summed him up just right!!

Specks said...

Happy 2nd birthday to your sweet Quinn!!! From the way you describe him, I think that he and Jackson share some traits....both good and "challenging" traits:). I am still amazed that he is potty trained. WOW. Sure do love reading about your boys!!!

Sydni said...

So precious!

erin f. said...

Happpy birthday cutie pie Quinn!

Jodi said...

We've been gone, so I am just now catching up! Happy Birthday, Sweet Quinn!!!! LOVE this post.

Btw, Reagan currently IS that kid in Kinder who sings in the bathroom.... :) Her entire life is a song.

Karessa said...

I can't believe Quinn is 2 and we missed it. Just one favor: please put the picture of him in his underwear and Kory's boots in the slideshow when him and Paisley get married.

Your party looked like a hit. Great job with the favors!

Miss yall lots.