Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Don't miss the post below...there's a pretty sweet little voice on it :) 

Ok, so here is this year's Phillips Phamily Halloween: 

A Cowboy (and his trusty steed) and an Indian!!!

I wanted to get a pic of Cowboy Kanyon off of his horse so that we could see his whole get-up, chaps and all......we had no idea there was an Indian creeping up behind us!!!

Q with his bow doing his best war cry

....and still doing the war cry! 

klp leaving our first trick or treat house.  We dropped by a friend from church's house that lives in our neighborhood then we went on to visit a couple of houses.  

We made our first stop at Gary and Sharon's house. We love them so much and wanted the boys to get to show off their costumes.  Q was a little "overwhelmed" when they answered the door and were so excited to see them!! haha.  We had to explain Indians don't cry, they are BRAVE!  haha!

We LOVE the Sanders! 

Gary playing on the stairs with the boys

and having some Indian fun with Q

These 2 are two peas in a pod! Kanyon gets so excited around him! 

Then we stopped at my aunt and uncle's house....Q was reverting to his squat and "cheese" pose.  

Yeah for Great Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary Lynn!!   (and the blind Indian and the horse with the broken neck)

and finished the night with 50 cent corny dogs from Sonic at their house.  

It was a fun night for these little boys....and their parents too!

About the costumes:
Cowboy and Indian was one of my ideas when I found out I was having twins (boy cowboy girl Indian).  Not sure what got us thinking that again, but we just decided that might be a fun classic and not too hard to make.  THEN I thought of the horse thing and that sealed the deal. I can't take total credit for that because last year, my friend Jodi dressed her daughter (who was using a walker at the time....NOT ANY MORE) as Bullseye and her other daughter was Jessi.  It was so cute.  So.....I figured I could come up with some way to make the walker into a horse.  All I did was drape fabric over the walker and duck tape it where you couldn't see it.  The neck and head is out of padded poster board that I just happened to have in the garage. I drew and cut out the head and then covered it with the same fabric as the body.  I ended up running out of fabric so I didn't get to cover the inside of the neck which I hated because the masking tape I used on that part was totally visible.  The mane is felt and the tail is yarn.  All rigged somehow on to the walker.  The hooves are felt wrapped around the legs of the walker.  The cowboy already had just about everything. We did buy the cowboy hat which probably otherwise would've been a Christmas presents, but we HAD to have it. We knew he would love it since he's so in to hats right now.   I also bought the belt, but we've been looking for one for a while anyways.  I made the chaps out of that plasticy fabric that is soft on the back. I just cut the shape out and cut the fringe, then added a little star  "coin" thing on the side.  I cut slits in the stop so they would just loop through his belt. I planned on putting straps on the back and ended up not doing it. I should've because they flapped around when he scooted. It wouldn't been way better to have them secured down to his legs.

The Indian wore $3 sweat pants and a $3 tshirt. They didn't have his size so I got one in klp's size so at least SOMEONE could wear it again.  I bought some fringe at Hobby Lobby and safety pinned it on the clothes. I didn't want to sew them because I wanted to be able to use the clothes.  I know....cheap.  The headdress was a bargain deal at our western store and we would've NEVER guessed that he would wear it but he wore it all night. I was going to be happy with just long enough for a picture.  I just painted the little lines on his face as the finishing touch. I REALLY wanted it to be warm enough for him to go without a shirt so I could paint his belly, but that was not the case.  My dad made him the bow and we had a cool little quiver that the Kerbys let us borrow, but he was scared of it.  Yes, scared of it.  I wasn't going to push it since he was happy with the headdress.  I didn't want to loose it all!

This was by far the best Halloween.  Both old enough to have fun and enjoy the excitement.  We didn't do a lot of door to door trick or treating since its quite the ordeal to do the whole carseat, walker, in and out thing so we just made a few stops to visit people. It was perfect and fun!


Gay said...

I LOVE the Sanders!!!

erin f. said...

Jaymie, the horse idea is so adorable and creative! I love it. You are the best Halloween idea person ever. We had a lot of fun this year with Ellie too, perfect age to just love it!

Jodi said...

YIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE!!! And YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW! Absolutely FABULOUS costumes!!! Oh man, SO GREAT! Give me NO credit for that horse because yours is way better than mine! Most impressive. And by far the cutest little indian I've ever seen (if he had gone "skins", I don't think I could've taken the CUTENESS!!!! Oh my word...)! Kudos. After all the costumes I have seen and looked at over the last few days... Y'ALL WIN!!!! Hands down!

Jodi said...

And btw, you look fantastic. One Hot Momma. Just had to tell ya.

And we can be twinkies... I have that same orange shirt. :)

Ok, that is all.

Karessa said...

Let me guess whose house you went to first...hmmm...the cute sign in the yard gave it away!

The costumes are awesome! Well played.

And let me just say that I teared up a little when I watched the videos. I hate that they didn't get to come trick-or-treating at our house.

Teresa said...

What a great idea for Kanyon and Quinn's costumes! They make a great Lone Ranger and Tonto! Do you remember that show? I'm really showing my age here.