Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Its time...

It's time to get new shoes for Kanyon.  Seriously, I'm embarrassed that I left him in these for so long.  These are the low tops he wears when he wears his AFO's (leg braces).  I think its safe to say he wore these out.  He now has a new pair and I decided to change things up a bit and steer away from our usual black and I went with gray for his low tops.  I like the new look.  

Its time....to get Quinn some shoes of his own.  I was planning on just giving him klp's hand me downs, but after putting these on Q for a few weeks, I started feeling a little bad that they were holey and falling apart.  So, I got qsp his own shoes! Of course, I stuck with our tried and true black high top chucks. I just think its so cute on little boys. So classic little boy. 

Its time to see Quinn in the Montana hoodie! Yeah! Some hand me downs are spared from the torture of klp's scooting.  

It's time for HOT WEATHER TO END!  Not just because I'm tired of sweating, but because klp is running out of shorts!!!  He's scooting through them all.  I took a picture of these because they were favorites, but I've thrown away at least 3 other pairs.  SHEESH.  Its time to start scooting through some pants! :)  
Its also time to update the blog! So I'll be posting a lot the next few days.  :)

ps. i realize i'm an overly sentimental person when I take pictures of worn out clothes but I just can't help it.  I try to throw away most things, but sometimes my heart can't bear to let go of things they've worn so much.  I like to think I'm a healthy mix of hoarder and minimalist.....leaning more towards hoarder....way more towards hoarder.  :)


martha crockett said...

klp's shorts gave me a good laugh! So sweet. You know it took me 12 years to finally be able to re-do Ali's room, so don't feel bad for being sentimental a/b your babies. Looking forward to some good long Phillips Pham blogging!

erin f. said...

Oh the hoarding comment got me laughing...I miss you Jaymie!