Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Herman and Marion

I have some new family members that I'm very proud to introduce you to!  They are both new to me thanks to my brother Clint and SIL Rachel.  

This is Herman the squirrel!  Growing up we had a pet squirrel for about 10 years.  It was lots of fun, and one of those things that I didn't realize was weird until I left home and married someone who makes fun of me for all the crazy animals we had in our home growing up.  This little squirrel literally came to Clint and my Dad one day when they were out at the land hunting (not squirrel hunting).  He probably fell out of his nest and was in need of some HELP. AND he was at the perfect age for raising.  They fed him 'round the clock for a while and that is what we were doing here the first time I met the little guy.  His name is Herman because that is what Roselyn and Nolan keep calling him.  I'm not sure if its official, but thats what he's called most of the time.  

Herman was cute and all, but he's not the best, coolest, or cutest addition to our family!....(or the only thing Clint and Rachel are feeding every couple of hours around the clock)


Man oh man I have another niece!!!!  And my awesome sister in law knows my obsession with childbirth and how fascinating it is to me. It really was heartbreaking to me that my experience was so critical and emergency, and therefore changed the way I'll be able to deliver from now on.  SOOOO since I'll never have any more children without a C-Section, Rachel invited me in to the delivery room!!!!  I was BEYOND excited!  She decided to labor all night long and then have the baby at about 6:30 am so we were sleepless and food-less but it was ALL WORTH IT!! It was INCREDIBLE and AMAZING and so MIRACULOUS!!!  I loved hearing that sweet cry and just being a part of the buzz of a delivery room.  I will NEVER forget it and I get teary just writing this.  Rachel was a total trooper and managed to make it look easy, like she does everything.  Funny thing is I didn't end up holding Marion until way later that day (after we went home and took a nap) so I actually ended up holding Herman the squirrel first.  Haha. We are thankful for another healthy baby to love!

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erin f. said...

I just laughed at the squirrel comment "perfect age for raising" oh my. I think I might be scared to even touch a squirrel. I will add though that my mom and her siblings raised a racoon...Rocky. We love hearing Rocky stories.

I am glad you were able to be in the delivery room for your neice's birth. That is amazing and she is a perfect little girl!