Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We've been busy

We've been pretty busy around here.  Busy doing lots of things: 

Like playing with our hand me down train set that we LOVE.  

sweet sweet brothers  

klp has been busy reading.  

And at any given point, one of these boys is busy "writing".  They take it very seriously!

We've been busy eating with friends!

And eating the tops off of cupcakes!

We love being busy with our friends!  I love this picture of Mindi swinging with Kanyon AND Trent! Contrary to what it looks like in the pic, klp was NOT choking little Trent.  

Kanyon has been busy riding his new BIKE!!!! He outgrew his other one and he is loving his new one. It is a little bit different, but still an Amtryke.  We are thankful for their generosity! We passed our old one on to hopefully find a good home with a little one ready for their first bike! :)  He is good at pedaling it and is even learning to steer it pretty good.  

We don't have the bar yet for us to hold, so Celia (our PT) used the dog leash! I'm tellin' ya, these home therapists are creative and resourceful! 

Busy busy tending to our loved ones.....brushing bear's teeth. 

And we have been busy lately building lots of cool towers!  

We're never too busy to have an Oreo!  (this was qsp's first one ever and he LOVED IT!)

Quinn was too busy riding his alligator to even look at the camera.  Notice the little one beside him?  Right after I took this picture, he moved and tried to sit on top of the little one.  hee hee.  Silly boy.  

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