Monday, April 30, 2012

Whats Goin' On

It seems like most of my post revolve around giant over loaded picture catch up posts or big event posts.  So today is just sort of whats going on with the Phillips Pham.  The boys are a blast these days and I wish I could articulate all of the fun, wild, funny, frustrating, hectic things that they are bringing to us every day.  

(wearing his KU jersey for the big game...he kept pointing at the TV and then at his jersey. He was so happy to be wearing it!)

The boy is a chatter box. A full fledged-talk my head off-chatter box.  I really can't believe it.  It just seems like the last few months it has all come together for him.  For the untrained ear, it can still be a little tricky to understand at times, but even that is getting so much better.  Full sentences people! FULL SENTENCES!  I was especially "thankful" for his full sentences a few weeks ago in church when DURING COMMUNION he pointed to the man in the isle that passed the plate (who just so happens to have a larger belly than some) and said, "Mommy, that guy has a baby in his tummy.  Mommy has a baby in her tummy too!" Oh dear! After I gathered myself, I prayed that no one (especially the man) understood what he said.  SHEESH!  

He is also BOSSY.  I have wondered what their "birth order" roles will be like since in some ways Q will have to take on some of the big brother roles because of things he's able to do physically.  But the last few weeks, klp has really staked claim in his position as the OLDEST.  I often hear him giving very strict instructions like, "Bubba, you go take a nap riiiiiiiight now. I take a nap later" He is often heard "backing me up" when I'm getting on to Quinn for something.  klp will either repeat it (in his stern voice of course) or he will say, "Bubba you obey mommy!"  He's not just a disciplinarian though, he's also an encourager.  He raises his voice to "baby talk" to him and will say things like "Did u go tee tee? Good Job Bubba!"  In his sweetest most "motherly" voice.  I guess he wants to make sure q doesn't get separation anxiety because any time he leaves the room he will say, "Bubba, I be riiiiiiiight back, Ok?" He also tattle tales. I will hear him say, "I tell mommy".  Then he does. Oh dear.  Its pretty cute and pretty fun to hear them talking to each other.  

When he "reads" each page starts with "One day....." and the rest of the "reading" may or may not really make much sense.  :)  

Back to the chatter box thing:  he talks to himself A LOT.  Not sure if he's crazy or we are just seeing his little imagination play out, but its funny.  Sometimes he is repeating something that I recognize that happened earlier, other times I have no idea where he got it.  Even in his imaginary talking, he's usually bossing someone around telling them what to do followed by the sweet "OooooKaaaay?"  

He counts 8, 11, 13.  Not sure what happened to 1, 2, 3.  

Still loving basketball and can dribble like nobody's business.  Also loving the baseball thing lately.  He asks to watch a basketball game EVERY DAY.  I think he got spoiled during March Madness.  Too bad we don't have DVR or we could've recorded some games. 

Loves the Price is Right, but our antennae has been messing up lately. Boo.  However, it did work the other day and he was loving it.  Yelling "COME ON DOWN!" and then I asked him what the lady won and he said "hundred dollars" haha! (he usually says "a new car") Speaking of, he saw Jeopardy on TV at school one day when the teacher turned the TV on to use it for something else and the channel just happened to be on the channel where Jeopardy was ending.  He talked about it for 2 days straight.  I didn't believe him when he told me he watched Jeopardy at school, so I finally asked his teacher.  She said he was on the other side of the room when she was messing with the TV and the show was ending so she can't even believe he noticed.  Oh little does she know how long he's loved Jeopardy.  

Our struggles lately (well, not really lately, because they've been going on for over 2 years) are trying to control the emotional ups and downs.....mostly downs and the hitting/crying/loosing it that comes with those.  We are lost to say the least, but working on it.  

Since being pregnant I've rocked him to sleep for his nap everyday. It started out because I was too sick and tired to do the whole "nap time routine". Now I just love it too much to stop. I'll stop soon enough, but I have a feeling I won't regret rocking my 5 year old.  :)  He's THE BEST cuddler in the world.

He says "I run fast" or "I"m running!" when he scoots real fast.  haha 

At least 100 times a day I hear "Daddy fix it when he gets home" or "Daddy fix it later"  I guess I've said that a lot but he's quite a boost to Kory's "Mr. Fix It" ego because according to klp, there's nothing his dad can't fix. 

David and Goliath according to klp (bold is what he says when we let him fill in the blanks) David got some ROCKS and he hit Goliath with A GUN!!! He hit Goliath with a rock and..GOLIATH GOT FOULED!!! Oh dear.  Any time he falls over or anyone falls down both of my boys say they got fouled (as in fouled like in basketball).  So when the part in the story comes where Goliath falls, klp just says he gets fouled.  

He's about to leave the nursery at church, but that is another post all on its own.  Alas, he's growing up.

(drinking his treasured Sonic drink....water by the way)

The things that come out of his mouth really kill me. I can't remember them all, but he's always making me laugh.  Like today when he asked me for the "writers"....he wanted side walk chalk.  He has taken to the baseball thing too and now that Kory's softball league has started up, he's had fun learning about catching and running bases.  The first game he was so troubled every time a batter dropped the bat to run to the base.  I told him the other day that he sure was a good baseball player and he said, "I only play basketball".  Not true, but I guess thats where his loyalty lies.  

He repeats us but in the form of a question.  For example:  I say, "I better peel the kiwi first." he says, "the kiwi first???" or "We gotta go to the oil change place"...."Oil change place???"  

Daddy is still his #1 choice.  

He likes to be read to.  Particularly his toddler Bible.  Good Mom, right? My kid loves to read the Bible.  Here's the truth: Sometimes I try to talk him out of it because I'M SICK AND TIRED OF READING NOAH OR DAVID AND GOLIATH and that is all he wants.  However, he did say something the other day about "Jofess" in the Bible, so maybe we're on the brink of a switch to Joseph. He can retell David and Goliath great.  Its cute.  

Loves cereal and can eat as much as any adult.  

When he falls he says, "I dropped myself" 

He likes to look for Q's and will say, "There's my Q!"  

A friend of mine from church told me her 5 year old said he wanted to play basketball and she told him he didn't even know how and he said, "yes I do, Quinn taught me!" haha. 

I am enjoying his big-ness.  Its just such a sweet age as the world is opening up bigger and bigger and he is learning and taking it all in.  He is always doing and saying something funny and I just love it so much.  He for sure has the challenges that come with his age, but if you ask me, the FUN and EXCITEMENT of this age far outweighs the difficulty.  Most days.  :)

He still wakes up happy and plays in his bed for a long time (something I will greatly miss when he moves to a bed) but when he's ready to get out he usually yells, "I need to go POOOOOOOP!" I guess he's figured out that when he mentions pooping everyone comes running!

He has a hard time with plurals.  He gets the "s" in the wrong spot.  For example: grapes=grasp
fix=fisk, books=boosk, bugs=busg..... you get the idea.

Q loves a good song.  We have quite the "playlist" at bedtime.  He makes his request and we do our best to oblige (if we can figure out what song he's talking about).  He has favorite songs on our "seeds of worship" CD's and requests for the ones he likes over and over.  He almost always asks for "Jesus" aka Jesus loves me to be his last song.

He doesn't know characters very well. We don't really watch the shows/movies so he has very limited knowledge of things like Disney characters or super heroes.  BUT he knows they are something because he's said stuff about Spiderman before and he has underwear that have Cars characters on them (doesn't know Lightning McQueen, just calls them Race car underwear).  The other day we were at the neighbors house and he saw a Spiderman book and said, "MOM! LOOK! Its Tow-Mater!"  haha.  Slightly confused.  btw the way he says Tow-Mater is one of my favorite words he says.

The boys love to play "Hide".  To say they don't "get it" would be an understatement, but they sure do have fun going to a corner and counting then screaming when they turn around.

My laziness seems to have rubbed off on Q.  Its not uncommon for me to use my feet to pick something up so that I don't have to bend over.  Often times I pick qsp's blanket up with my toes then grab it.  Now he does the same thing.  Pretty funny watching little toddler feet pull that one off.


I haven't taken any "belly pictures" yet, but here's one of my shadow.  

and here is baby at the 20 week ultrasound 

So far things with baby are going great. I finally don't feel sick to my stomach all the time. The physical strains of it have seem to hit sooner, but that probably has more to do with the 2 I already have! :)  I haven't slept well which is kind of a bummer.  I still don't have a "feeling" as to what the gender is. I kind of don't want to.  Last time i was so sure Q was a boy that when he was, in fact, a boy I wasn't really surprised. I think everyone thinks its a girl but I think thats because everyone WANTS this to be a girl.  I would love a girl, but at the same time, it seems hard to imagine.  We are just excited to meet it whatever it is! :)

Without fail, if you ask the boys what the baby is Q says boy and klp says girl.  hmmmmm.

Just for fun I have asked them what we should name it (knowing they really have no concept of what a name is). Some of the answers I've gotten have been: Me, Baby, The bear, Mommy.  Not sure any of those have made the list, but we'll keep asking.  Speaking of, we haven't made much progress on name choosing.  Especially if its a boy we are in big trouble.

Today when I was rocking klp, he patted my stomach and said, "mommy baby happy!" Which he says all the time. I asked him what he was going to do when the baby got here and he hugged me.  Then I said, "You CAN hug it and maybe you will sing to it. What song would you sing?" and he started singing Happy Birthday to Baby.  haha.

Q says he has a bear in his tummy.  I guess that sounds more exciting to him than a baby.

The baby will force the 2 boys into the same room.  Anxiety doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this.  And it doesn't help that the quilts I've been eyeing for YEARS that I wanted if I ever had 2 boys in the same room are GONE from Pottery Barn.  I can't even find them on Ebay.  great. I was counting on the quilts bringing me comfort when the inevitable stress of combing rooms hit.

My guilty pleasure has been Coke Icees.  In general, carbonated drinks have been very UNappetizing, but the Icee treat has hit the spot.  So has lemon ice water. And yes I've PAID Sonic for water.  It blows Kory's mind, but its just better.  The cup, the ICE, the lemon. Oh man.  Best 52 cents ever.

I'd say my overriding symptom this time has been that my brain is MUSH.  I remember forgetting things/names/words with the other pregnancies, but this time I can't even complete a thought.  Like I try to think through something and I just CAN'T my brain gets stuck.  I can't follow through on a idea or thought to save my life.  I'm really counting on this NOT sticking around after baby is born!

My belly button isn't gone yet.  Usually it disappears and looks almost like a star shaped scar, but this time its still there and kinda sticking out some.

We are currently taking any and all suggestions for names!!!  :)

There you have it.....lots of typing with not many pics...sorry.


Anonymous said...

I think Spencer would make a great boys name. And I love the name Harper for a little girl.

Jodi said...

To say that I love this post would be the understatement of the century! Greatest update EVER! My cheeks hurt from smiling!!!!!! "Fouled" , "8,11,13" , "I dropped myself", "a bear in my tummy" , a good belly button update... I just love it all!! :) LOVE YOU!

KParish said...

I did laugh pretty hard this post. As "Anonymous" said above, I also like Spencer for a boy name, and what great family ties it will have! but you might have to arm wrestle me for Harper - not that I'm expecting! Let's get that clear right now! But I do like that name a lot. I also like Jacksie or Jaxee for a girl.