Monday, July 2, 2012

June Pictures

Somehow, June is in the world did that happen????  I'm having a baby NEXT MONTH.  Oh man.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Here's some June happenings....

This was from the week klp did Pee Wee's at camp.  Drayton and Q watched a little movie together when D woke up.  

We went out for middle Sunday of 2nd session. It was a nice, not so hot day so we all enjoyed it (including Kory).  Ro and Q sweet cousins

A day at camp really takes its toll on a boy

This was ANOTHER trip out to camp.  My cousins are out there working and there so me and my Aunt Mary Lynn find all kids of excuses to go out there.  This day, they needed more peaches and had to sign some papers.  Works for me.  My boys always love seeing Jay and Blake at camp.....Jay even let Q wear his whistle! 

and shared a peach with him...I think Q ate at least 3 just in the short time we were there.  

I think sleeping babies (or big boys) are just too sweet. klp in his big bed..

klp and Caden playing with Caden's castle.  

I went to put Q down for a nap and came back and klp had sorted all his frogs into his measuring cups......and put on a necklace.  Nice.  

It took us about a week to get klp's crib down and out of his room, so we moved Q's bed in there.  They were SOOOOOO excited!  They could hardly wait for me to get the sheets on it before they started playing on it. Diving, jumping, sqealing, rolling around!! We weren't moving Q just yet, but they were still pretty pumped about the bed! 

Another night, another sleeping boy....upside down! ha! 

A little swim time at Chandler's 

showing off Daddy's old boots. 

This picture isn't that great, but it was sweet.  Q wearing Daddy's old boots watching some basketball.....and of course sucking his thumb.  

Bad idea, Q.  He was totally stuck.  

Our neighbor gave us this pool. Its really kinda lame since its so small, but shhhhhhh don't tell my kids....they don't know that!  They think its awesome and it was free to me.  

Good times June! 

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Matthew said...

My son Taliesin was in the isolette to the right of Kanyon for a few weeks back in April 2007. I found your blog again because I hope that it will be helpful to a friend of mine. Kanyon appears to be doing well and I am ecstatically happy that your family has continued to prosper. I hope that it continues to do so.