Friday, August 3, 2012

Balloon Glow

Apparently Longview is the hot air balloon capital of the world or something.  Every year they have some national race/event and its all over the news and the whole week you can see hot air balloons flying all over.  They also do this thing on the weekend called the balloon glow. You go out to the airport and they have the shaped balloons all blown up for you to look at and then when it gets dark, they blow up the regular ones so the fire lights them all up. We've never been before, but decided this was the year to go.  So we went with Adam, Caden, and Tate (mommy and new baby stayed home) and The Rotzler crew.  It was fun....overpriced if you ask me since we didn't stay for the concert, but it was still fun.  

The dads and kids with Noah's Ark.  

Caden caught this within the first 5 min. we were there

klp chillin' in Chanlder's chair with Rebekah and Chandler.  

They just let you walk all through the balloons.  Its a little intense for the kids. Its loud when they BLOW the torches to light them up, plus its FIRE. And if one started to deflate, you just had to get out of the way. So the whole scene took a while to get used to. We made sure to take qsp's blanket along and after a few tears early on, he was good to go as long as he was holding a hand.  klp didn't say much at first (probably a little nervous) then did great.  

Tate was clinging to Adam like a leech most of the time. He eventually worked his way to sitting on his shoulders.  

We wanted a picture of the scaredy cats but they didn't think that was funny.  

Phillips Phamily!!!!  

My belly is HUGE.  

See what I mean by intense...haha!

Its been so fun being pregnant with Rebekah.  We are due right at the same time and enjoy comparing our ailments and belly sizes! :)  (in the background you can see that Q and Tate were very excited about the concert when it started.  They were shamelessly dancing!)

I'll hopefully be posting several posts over the next week....we'll see.  Time is tickin'!

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Specks said...

I am sooooo excited for you!!! You look beautiful and your boys are going to be such adorable big brothers~ they melt me. Prayers for your birth and we will definitely be in touch :).