Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome pics

There are waaaay too many, so I'll try to keep the words to a minimum.  

Headed to the hospital.  Q wasn't so sure about me leaving....let the big brother adjustment begin.  

Check out this crew that was there for her birth. I think this was after I had her.  I really do have the greatest friends in the world.  They took great pictures and videos too! 

I could finally hold her when I got back to the room.  There is no better feeling in the world. Without getting too deep here, I think our experience with the twins made me aware of the heartache that often goes on with the birth of a baby.  Mixed with my joy and happiness is the desire for all those couples longing for a baby to have one, and all those moms of sick or tiny ones to get a chance to kiss a healthy newborn.  

This was Quinn's first time to meet her.  He was very interested in touching and looking at her.  Sweet boy. He's always been interested in babies.  Now he has one in his own house! 

Trying out her basketball paci

First diaper...way to go Daddy.  I got tickled watching him thinking how much easier this is when you've done it a few times before.  Poor Kanyon had to endure our learning curve on diaper changes.  

Sweet Holly made sure our door was a GIRL door! :)  

Saturday Clay, Mo, and their girls came to visit and after they saw us at the hospital they went to our house and let the kids play. I know my boys loved it! klp, Avery, Landry

Sweet cousins helping him walk.  He's getting good enough that his friends can help him walk (as long as they don't go too fast or let go!)

Aunt Mo with a lap full!

Meg and Jaylie having a nice chat.  

I LOOOVE these pics of her.  They had just bathed her and brought her back.  She was wide awake all bundled up.  


Q was quite interested in all the gear so I just gave him his own paci to keep him away from hers.  

Checking on baby sister first thing in the morning.  

There are too may pictures of her just laying there sleeping, but I can't help it.  

klp wanted the chair by Mommy AND Jaylie so this was our arrangement for a little bit.  

So tiny and sweet.  

A close up with a phone is not the best look for any baby, but these made me laugh.  

One evening we needed to get the boys out of the house (read: they were going BONKERS) so we were gonna go get a snow cone.  It was closed, so we ended up at sonic with a messier but yummy treat.  

klp doesn't do sweets, so his treat is french fries!

The new view of my back seat.  Its kinda full

We went to Mindi's house for her to take some newborn pics. I've never done them so this was fun. And amazing at how much Mindi could just mold her and do whatever she wanted and Jaylie just slept right through it.  

Aaaand one last burrito picture. 

Gay Gay with my 3.  Seriously she's a stud.  Is it ok to call your mom that?  Since I can't lift Kanyon for 6 weeks (and really couldn't move much for a few days) she's been runnin' the show.  Boys, me, the house, dishes, laundry, you name it, she's done it.  

And so ends the phone dump of pictures.


Kelli said...

I love all these pictures! Jaylie is just beautiful, and precious as can be! Looks like y'all are loving life with three so far! :)

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Loved seeing all the pictures :) and love you guys!
Terri Lee

Jodi said...

Several things...
First of all, Kanyon walking with friends.... JUST PLAIN AWESOME. Seriously.
Quinn kissing that baby sister... melt me.
She is STUNNING. SO so so so pretty. I want to jump through my computer screen!
NEVER too many sleeping baby pics of burrito-baby pics.
Yes, your mom is a stud. Gotta love grandmothers and their pure awesomeness.
I just love y'all.
That's all.

Jodi said...

There was supposed to be an "or" instead of "of" in there... fyi. :)

Kyla said...

Oh Jaymie, I have love love LOVED looking at these last two posts!!! Jaylie is absolutely beautiful. I see some of both of her parents in her. :) I love her name, too! Soooo happy for y'all. So badly want to see you! Congratulations, you and your family are beautiful. - Have fun these next few weeks...they may be a little hard at first but then it gets MUCH easier. I think the 3rd is easier to adjust to than the 3rd. - And I think it's hilarious that Kanyon likes to boss you and tell you what to do with her. :)

Kyla said...

Meant to say, the 2nd is easier than the 3rd. :) But apparently losing a little more of your brain still comes with it.

Marianne said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! This is really too much fun. And, yes, your mom is a stud!!! She's definitely all that and a bag of chips!!!! She loves every minute of it. She just might be a clone of Buddy.

Love you so much.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing all these pictures. She is beautiful!! Love the dark hair. I will be calling you soon to stop and see Jaylie. So happy for all!