Sunday, August 26, 2012

Big Brother Room

The week before Jaylie came, I finished up the boys' room.  Kanyon had been in this room, so I didn't have to do much.  Just beds and a few toy/organizational things.  My mom came and helped me and we made the letters that are above their beds.  They were quite proud of them and mom and I were quite proud because they were super easy.  The fabric went on perfectly, the rope pinned on without any glue and we finished in no time.  That is NOT typical for us, but we caught some breaks with this little project, so that was nice.  

Toys and books...(and the crooked brand on the wall is driving me crazy in this pic.) The brands have been on the wall since before klp moved in this room. We got old wood from the buildings on Kory's family's place in Montana and all of the brands are friends or relatives of ours.  

In reverse order...sorry.  While we worked, we just tried to keep the boys busy...eating and painting. 

The finished products!

Now the boys have a nice little cowboy room to call their own.

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