Friday, August 17, 2012

Birth Day Pictures

Thanks again to Rachel for being my stand-in blogger.  If it were up to me you'd just now be finding out that I had a baby.  We are all home and doing good.  Recovery is never the best part, but each day is better.  Jaylie June is an eerily good baby so far. Like I don't want to talk about it because I'm afraid I might jinx it.  I have tons more pictures, but these are the ones from my good camera from the day she was born.  What a day it was.  

I have a history of being a very good gender predictor when people are having babies.  Apparently I can't guess my own. I was sure this baby was a boy.  I was fine with that. Its hard to argue with adding another brother.  The last week or 2 I was pregnant, I did start to entertain the idea that it MIGHT be a girl. I was excited thinking about having a girl, but still felt deep down that it was a boy. I think I just couldn't imagine a GIRL, it didn't seem possible.  Adding a boy wasn't hard to imagine.  The Dr. let Kory reveal the news, so when I heard him say "IT'S A GIRL!" I think I just kept saying, "oh my goodness! Are you kidding me? I can't believe I just had a girl!" While they weighed her and checked her I just kept staring and muttering phrases about how shocked I was that this was a girl.  Happy shocked.  I told Kory later that I didn't realize how bad I wanted a girl until she was here.  I was (and still am) so happy.  We were thankful for a smooth surgery and had a blast sharing the good news with the room full of great friends that were there waiting.  In fact, Kory and the baby left about 5 min. before me and went to tell the crowd.  All the way in the OR we heard the screaming and clapping!! It was fun.  And VERY clear what everyone was hoping for.  :) 

Enough talk for now, here's some pics....

The secret's out...she didn't QUITE weigh 8 lb. like we said.  7 15.6 But when the Dr. heard that she said, "oh come on! Leave her on there til she hits 8!" So I think she did hit the 8 lb. mark.  

The anesthesiologist was so sweet and offered to take a "family picture".  Kind of awkward angle, but its the best we could do while I'm laying on a table.  

We were all back in the room pretty quickly and got to show her to my parents and Rachel, Ro, and Marion.  

Gary and Sharon had the boys while we were at the hospital, so they came up when my parents got there to take over big brother duty.  Sharon was so happy she didn't have to take back the pink clothes she'd already bought.  :)

After naps, the boys came up to see us. I think they reacted pretty much like I thought they would. Q was probably the most interested in the baby, but both were VERY interested in the TV, rocking chair, window, and all the crackers that came with my meal.  :)

Enter swelling. I wish they'd ease up on those fluids for the sake of these pictures that will be with me for a lifetime.  Oh well.  Here we are in all our Phillips Pham glory! Happy to be safe and together! :)  

Q is the most affectionate and wants to see her and touch her the most....klp just likes to boss me and tell me what to do with her.  

My Nanny Lou (my dad's mom) holding her 10th great grandchild.  

Uncle Clint holding yet another niece. 

And Uncle Clay...he's a professional baby girl holder.  He offered to let Jaylie come to his house any time she needs to spend some time in a GIRL WONDERLAND.  :)  

Avery, Landry, and Mallory meeting baby cousin

Aunt Mo....only 2 months away til she's holding her own bundle.  

And then as if the hospital couldn't get more joyful.......Remember my friend Rebekah???We were pregnant together and joked about having our babies at the same time.  Well, the morning after I had mine, she shows up at the hospital! After a day of labor, she delivered her GIRL and we were hospital room neighbors!  So fun and so thankful for another healthy baby and the fun of actually having our babies at the same time!  Annnnnnd both girls!  

I think this was on our 2nd visit for the brand new BFFs Meg and Jaylie 

The proud Dads

I'm not sure how I'm gonna be at this girl thing when it comes to dressing and being girly, but I do like the stick on bows.  She got all dolled up for the ride home.  It was off before we got home, but it looked cute for a minute.  :)  

I have to dump my phone and get some other pics and will hopefully get those posted in a decent amount of time.  We thank GOD for a healthy baby.


Anonymous said...

She is SOOOOOO beautiful!!! I can't wait to hold her! HER!!! :) Love all the pics. Keep em comin. Congrats to the happy phillips pham! Love you guys! Kasey

Kelli said...

Oh Jaymie, she is just BEAUTIFUL! I am so thrilled for your family to have another precious blessing, and I know that she is going to be absolutely adored and blessed by her big brothers!

martha crockett said...

She gets prettier every picture! The whole family looks great. So happy for all of you!!!!

Marianne said...

All I can really say is, "Praise the Lord for he is good." Beautiful, precious family.

CJ said...

Beautiful!! :)