Monday, July 1, 2013

One Baby Staycation

The first week in June, my boys went to Paris to spend a couple of days with my parents.  Jaylie stayed home and enjoyed the few days of 100% attention. She helped me get lots of work done.

We met my mom in Mt. Pleasant to give the boys to her and Mary Lynn and I stopped to get our first bushel of peaches.  jjp was very serious about her first peach.  

She devoured it like a good East Texas girl should. 

Mary Lynn and I stopped by Nanny's on the way and had a good, calm visit and Nanny got lots of time holding Jaylie and watching her crawl all over her house.  So thankful to be in town with my Aunt and so close to my grandma.  

While we were gone Kory and I celebrated our 9th anniversary.....we had a gift certificate we'd been holding on to for months.  We dropped Jaylie June off at the Knights and she had a blast having Jay and Teresa all to herself! 

During the day, I was working on cleaning out and reorganizing my closet and the boys closet. J was actually very cooperative and I was able to get a lot done.  

She played while I worked.......and a few time I almost lost her in the mess! ha! 

We also had to get out of the house and take a cleaning break in the afternoon....these 2 things are responsible for keeping the last of my baby weight snug and comfy right on my tummy.  Oh well.    

Meanwhile, in Paris, Paw Paw and Gay Gay were pulling out all the stops, cramming as much fun in to the 2 days as they could.  They went straight from the car to the Mule with special animal crackers.  

There was lots of time in the garden for Q and Paw Paw

One day all the cousins came over to play.  Mallory and Q are quite the pair.  They've already declared their intentions to marry each other.  

Paw Paw took one for the team and went swimming in the chilly water at the Kerby's house.....

Of course there was fishing! 

and spitting..

We had a great couple of days enjoying the slower pace of just one kid. We ate out, shopped,  and marveled at how hard one baby used to be.  ha!

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