Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kanyon Goes to Camp

For the second year, Kanyon got to go to Camp Deer Run Day Camp.  They call it Pee Wees and he still talks about  being a Pee Wee, he loved it so much.  CDR is generous and goes out of their way to make it possible for Kanyon to go, enjoy, and participate. They provide his very own staff member to help him with whatever activities and carry him all over camp going from one activity to another. This means a TON to his mama!  We took Wednesday off which I think was good for him.  Its a long, hot, tiring day and in a lot of ways, overwhelming so we took a little mid week break then went back Thursday for the last day.  This year he seemed to enjoy it more and be more excited. Last year I think he was pretty much overwhelmed and all he cared about was swimming.  While swimming and going down the slide was still probably his #1favorite, I think he just enjoyed "going to camp" and "being a pee wee".  Our routine was for me to drop him off with his counselor and Me, Quinn, and Jaylie hung out with Janelle (my good friend that is also the director's wife) and her boys.  I would meet up with his counselor to change klp for swim time, send him off to swim, then meet back up to get him changed back in to his regular clothes. Usually in the afternoons he would come to the director's house and cool off and get a drink and take a little break, then would finish the afternoon out strong.  We had started him on a new seizure medicine the week before and one of the things we have to watch for is him overheating because it inhibits his ability to sweat.  Not an ideal side effect for an outdoor/no AC summer camp.  But he did great and had so much fun. I actually don't have many pictures at all because I  wanted to stay away and let him do his thing.  

I did catch what turned out to be one of the highlights of his week which was playing kick ball.  Its actually a very "Kanyon friendly" game so I was excited about that.  He kicked it and was hooping and hollering all around the bases! ha! 

KICK! (and you can see him mouth open yelling!)

Where's Waldo???? Look for the green walker! 

Thanks to some "creative fielding" by the staff, klp managed to kick a triple!  
On the next kicker he got to run home and was still hollering! 

This week was also the week a few of MY camp friends also came out with their kids so we had a fun time visiting and catching up while our kids were doing Pee Wees....

I did a post earlier about Jayde's cabin.  Here it is full of Campers' stuff! YAY!!!  

This is Brooklyn, my dear (and DEER....Deer Run) friend Jodi's little girl.  She rocks Spina Bifida like you wouldn't believe!!!! She's an incredible miracle girl with incredible parents.  She's one of those "WATCH OUT WORLD CUZ HERE SHE COMES" kinda girls! Love her so much.....and she loved her some Jaylie June! :) 

Though Quinn was quite disappointed that he wasn't old enough to be a Pee Wee I think he realized this was still a pretty good gig for him too. He got to camp and play with Drayton all day.  This particular day they were romping in the creek....there are way too many pictures of this, but I just couldn't help it. They are just so sweet.  

Josiah and Jaylie enjoyed playing together too.....little cuties!

Rachel was in town all week so Nolan and Ro could be at CDR with all of our old friends.  She stayed with Stefany.  We carpooled and one night all ate dinner together. It was such a fun week from beginning to end!  CDR is the BEST! 

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