Thursday, July 11, 2013

Uncle Tye Comes to Town!

Father's Day weekend turned in to Uncle Tye Weekend when at the last minute, he decided to hop a plane and come visit us! We were so excited! We didn't have much we got busy making Tye a yummy dessert! 

Q did the dishes.....

klp got distracted by the markers and paper at the little table....its hard to compete for this guy's attention when there's markers near by. 

I'm sure these were happy tears Jaylie was crying. 

June (as Tye calls her) ditched her Sunday dress and strutted her stuff in her bloomers...

Tye didn't get much time away from these boys while he was here...

.....even when he wanted to nap! 

This series of pictures is hilarious!  They were all flexing their muscles so I was trying to get a picture of it and it was just a series of bloopers.....

Q and Tye good....klp lost his balance and is falling off the chair

Tye made a loud growl sound when he was flexing and it scared Q so he's screaming/crying....Tye is shocked at what a wimp Q is and is laughing at him....klp just making sure he doesn't fall off again.  

Everyone flexing! Q is fake smiling trying to get over the trauma of the growl.....klp finally figuring out how to flex his arm....Tye wondering whose idea this was in the first place! ha! 

klp loves to pick his toes and always makes this face when he does it...thats what he's doing in this picture. UGHHH!!!  Obviously something hilarious was happening to get Q and jjp laughing so hard.  

 We have SO much fun together! 

Tye's visit overlapped with our church VBS......

This was the first night when the puppet came out. klp was DYING LAUGHING! He loved it so much!  He has the best laugh in the whole world! 

The last night all the classes got up and sang some of the VBS songs they'd learned.  I was getting ready to take a picture of Quinn's class and just happened to catch sweet Trent leaning over to hug Q.  They're such good buddies.  

Here's klp performing his song with is class...

All 140 kids singing "God's Backyard"  

They had a sidewalk supper the last night with some fun things for kids...including a visit from a firetruck.  

Cory T and Ellie with Kory P and Jaylie

Back to Uncle Tye.......

The weather wasn't too bad (even for the Montana boys) so we enjoyed evenings playing in the yard.

Everyone was busy... 

The freckles just kill me.  

We Love Uncle Tye!!!

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