Thursday, March 6, 2014


klp woke up early one morning and I wasn't quite ready to get out of bed.  But he did want to take pictures.  He chose the poses.  haha.  

If you follow me on instagram you already saw this picture, but I call it "Quinn was here"  The boy loves his guns.  

This really happened.  Feels like -46.  Yep.  I did my best to stay out of it. I do think I went outside to see if my spit would freeze but it didn't. My nose hairs did, but not my spit.  Days like that I'm glad I'm the wife at home and not the husband out in that cold weather feeding cows or whatever else they do. 

jjp crashed in the car. 

The boys were playing with a fishing toy and Q caught one and wanted his picture taken. I guess he knows thats what you do when you catch a fish in real life.  

My linen closet=bunk beds for the boys.  

This is me going outside just to file papers in our storage shed.  I had on like 97 layers to FILE PAPERS.  haha! But I've learned quickly that its better to just take the time (and annoying feeling of being bundled) and put the clothes on so you're not miserable the entire time you're outside.  Even if that is to file papers for 5 minutes. 

So our master bedroom has a real door.  This house we are renting used to be a nunnery so it has some funny little quirks.  klp took a nap in my room one afternoon and when he woke up he tried to open the door and couldn't. So he did what any reasonable person would do and turned the DEADBOLT.  I didn't even know the door had a deadbolt.  We don't have a key to that door.  So I spent forever trying to tell him how to turn the deadbolt again. He would try but it was kind of stuck.  Then he said, "Oh Mom! I have a GREAT idea....You go get the key!!!"  I didn't have the heart to tell him I didn't have a key.  I eventually got him to turn the deadbolt and he got out.  Sheesh.  

Jaylie is OBSESSED with horses right now.  And wearing her brothers' vests.  

This is a set of pictures of the record board at the high school gym.  Kory still holds the season records for rebounding and points scored.  Woooohoooo! 

One of Kory's best friends growing up is a missionary in Peru and she was home for a visit.  We got to see Kami and meet her baby Kyla. It was a fun day.  She married a guy we knew and is on a mission team with people we knew.  Its a crazy small world! 

klp still loves to draw and spends a lot of time talking and playing and drawing (all at the same time).  His pictures literally come to life.  Its hard to tell what things are because he gets so carried away playing and stuff.  Then when you ask him he usually makes something else up all together.  He can't quite describe what he's doing.  But one day I saw him drawing this and I said, "OH COOL!" and he said "Its a rocket with a window and another window".  Haha. I think it was inspired by a Little Einstein they saw on the iPad.  I was so happy and love his little rocket with windows and people sitting in their chairs.  

June watching the basketball game. 

Since we moved here, the boys have decided they like sleeping together.  Its pretty cute. 

Kanyon has started water therapy.  He LOVES it and we are really glad to have a facility like this in our town.  I think its going to be really good for him! 

Quinn learned to write his name.  Here is his handy-work and also the progression of me trying to get a picture with his eyes OPEN and SMILING.  

I love that sweet handwriting.


Kelli said...

I know I always say this, but your kids are all just precious! I LOVE them! Looks like y'all are doing great, and really enjoying life in Montana!

The Speck family said...

I am so happy you are blogging so much because I find your life there fascinating, your commentary hilarious and your fam is just awesome. Can I just tell you that we may have been separated at birth...I am obsessed with any form of cherry coke or cherry pepsi, and I too, want to give up all coke, but it is just not happening any time soon! Your baby girl kills me with her huge gorgeous eyes...those looks she gives crack me up. Kanyon's new school and water therapy sound awesome! So happy for that little rock star man. And Quinn- way to go, writing your name! I think he and Jackson are birds of a feather.....I was seriously trying to figure out if we can work in a family vacation to Montana in 2014 :). Not looking too good at this point, but 2015 is a strong possibility!!! Hugs to you all...stay warm :).