Monday, March 31, 2014

Phone Picture Randomness

When we moved, we drove to Montana in our Avalon with plans to buy a suburban once we got here. After weeks of searching Kory found the perfect one and we drove to Billings to get it.  On the way to Billings I decided to clean out my wallet.  Here are a few of the things that made me really sad.  Customer cards from some of my fav places to eat made me sad and hungry.  But the sweet note from Mabry just about broke me down.   

We went to Billings on one of Kanyon's school days so Uncle Tye picked him up from school and he got to have a special day with Uncle Tye all to himself! This is the picture Tye sent to let me know he did NOT forget to pick up Kanyon.  Uncle Tye even had animal crackers ready to go for him when he got him!! What an UNCLE! 

We got the car thing done and then Kory and Wes went to some ranch show so me and Susan went to Costco. (Wes and Susan came separate from us to take family to the airport)   I love the double carts!! 

Juney girl loving her brothers packpack.  And her drawer of sippy cups.  

Grocery store.  I try to go on days klp is at school so that I actually have room in my cart, but sometimes I have to take the whole gang.  Yes they're wearing scarves.  klp got on a scarf kick where he would want to wear my scarf or Gram's scarf or anyone else's he saw.  So I went to the fabric store in town and bought a little strip of fleece and called it a scarf.  Quinn picked the print.  He couldn't resist the deer on this print.  ha.  And yes, juney girl is wearing a spider man watch.  She's in charge of keeping me on schedule. 

jjp's favorite spot in the kitchen (maybe even the whole house).

Her first clip!!!!  She's finally growing hair.  She refuses a head band these days and if she's gonna wear boy PJ's and boy clothes half the time I guess we'd better figure out a way to make sure people know she's a girl! 

Same day, same clip, less clothes, more accessories.  

One night the boys wanted to take a shower instead of a bath.  Jaylie June wasn't interested in a shower so she got the rare treat of a bathtub all to herself.  She sat and played so quietly and intensely for the longest time. It was pretty sweet.  

I think I took this picture because I was melting on the floor with her cuteness.  Bed head, necklace, blanket around her baby.  And that HAND ON THE BABY IS TOO MUCH!!!  

Before you go thinking she's all baby dolls and jewelry, let it be known that she splits her time evenly between dolls and cows in squeeze chutes.  With her necklace.  

Since this post has been mostly pictures of Jaylie, I'll end with this little smirk.  I sent this picture to Mindi because this jacket used to be Addison's. 

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