Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Days

We bundled up one afternoon to enjoy the snowy front yard.  As you'll see in the pictures, Jaylie was VERY confused.  She seemed concerned, worried, and out of sorts.  I think the full body down suit caught her off guard.  She couldn't find her hands tucked in there and it was causing her some concern. The boys have no trouble playing in the snow.  They love it! 

When klp gets tired of taking pictures, he just lays down.  Great. 

Snow angels! 

The confused little snow bunny

As you can see, the sun was going down in most of these pictures. 

Smiling frozen faced Kan Man. 

Tromping through the snow. Kan just trudges right through like its no big deal. Quinn leaves foot prints, Kanyon leaves scoot trails. 

And this little Pink Thing just sat there the whole time. 

Snow angel! 

klp chunking a snow ball at me! 
Coming from Texas, if the temp was even close to cold we would hunker down and stay inside. I was kind of worried about my mindset moving here. I knew it wasn't realistic to hunker down every time it got below 40.  My happiness and good moods are directly related to how much time we spend outside so I told myself I couldn't let the snow stop us! We bundle up and play as long as its reasonable. (which is a different "reasonable" than in Texas).  But so far we've all stayed warm and gotten to enjoy time outside even in the winter. 

One Saturday afternoon we all went out to Tye's (he lives at the ranch now) to do some sledding.  For the most part it was a successful trip. We had a couple of crashes that caused some tears, some snow sprayed in the face that caused tears, and some wet glasses that caused some tears. But overall, it was really fun for everyone.  

Here's Uncle Tye (and jjp) giving Q a lesson in snowmobile do's and don'ts. 

Guess who was dying to go first???? Kanyon! So he and Kory took the first sled down (followed by Murphy and Bea the dogs). Kan loved it! You could hear him squealing and yelling the whole time.  the faster the better.  We did realize pretty quickly that we should've had goggles or something to cover their faces. The snow would spray up into their faces.  

Tye, Kory, and kids.  (and a bunch of cows....) 

Phillips Phamily 

If you look closely you see someone gone on the sled and klp trying to scoot/slide down after them! 

Uncle Tye and June went for a short little sled ride. 

It was nice having the snowmobile to drive us back up the hill! 

I liked the cows at the top of the hill watching us

Another view from the bottom of the hill 

Here comes KLP and klp

Dad's hands=face mask snow protector

Uncle Tye and Q 

More cows. I like taking pictures of them.  And the view was so pretty on the clear sunny day! 

In the middle right of this picture you can see some old buildings.  Thats the house Kory's grandpa was born in and there are also some other buildings, barns, etc. used back then.  Pretty cool.  

Can you spy the snowmobile? 

We found goggles once we got home, so KLP and klp took a snowmobile ride! 

I know I've already posted it, but how can I NOT post this again! 

*I'm having a hard time making any of my pictures bigger. When I change the size of the picture they are blurry and grainy. Even on the good quality pictures taken with my good camera they're grainy and yucky when i make them bigger.  Anyone have any ideas??????????*

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