Monday, March 10, 2014

Work, Play, and a Bad Idea

I guess the title of this post should've been Play, Work, and a Bad Idea, but it just didn't have a good ring to it. So i'll leave the title as it is and post pictures in the wrong order.  

Here's some fun PLAYing in the snow pictures: 

I took a picture of klp's "footprints"/scoot track in the snow.  Makes me smile. 

Speaking of smile, this picture (another instagram repeat)  makes me smile too. Its klp's snow angel.  Look closely and you'll see a crystal clear perfect wing and leg on the right side of his body, but the left is a nub of an arm and a hole for the leg.  His left arm doesn't do much and he has a hard time working his left leg too. But he was working SO HARD to flap his arms and legs to make that angel. I love how it turned out.  Perfect.  

I got the kids these snowball and snow brick makers and they've been so much fun.  We built a house for their animals...

(again, you'll notice that when klp doesn't want to take a picture he just lays down.  And Quinn just doesn't look at the camera.  I've trained them well.  *sigh*)

Our finished product! 

Its not all play, somebody's gotta WORK around here.  So everyone has to do their share! 
KLP was looking over a catalogue for a bull sale he and Tye and Wes were going to the next day.  June helped him pick out the perfect bulls.  

The guys were gonna be "working" some cows one day (translation: bringing them in and running them through the chutes giving them vaccinations and stuff like that).  klp was at school, but me, Q and jjp decided to go supervise the operation. And make sure they had a good lunch.  We don't want those guys making any mistakes and we sure didn't want them to work on an empty stomach.   

The clanking of the pens and the "mooing" was quite loud in the shed so jjp learned to cover her ears pretty quickly. 

Q watched in amazement. He was a little nervous with all the noise and stuff, but he did great. 

Kory, Tye, and Wes all busy.  

When we headed out to the ranch it was nice and sunny.  We got there and I dropped off lunch stuff in the house and when I came back out towards the car I heard Quinn say "MOM! There's smoke and its coming at you!" I turned around to literally watch a blizzard blow in on us! It was crazy.  It was coming in off the mountains and around a group of trees.  By the time I got in the car it "hit" and the wind was blowing so hard I could barely close the car door!  We were especially glad for the shed to work the cows in that day. I know the boys actually working were REALLY glad for the indoor set up and I was glad because we woulda high tailed it back to the house if we couldn't be inside watching.  

This is Jaylie June panting like a dog when she saw the dogs come running towards us. 


I wanted to get a picture of jjp in her winter sweater dress and moccasins after church.  I realized the boys shirts kind of matched her dress so I thought it would be cute to get a group picture. Honestly, group pictures these days are pretty much a waste of time anyways, but today it was a group picture at nap time.  With no coats. in 10 degree weather.  Thats not good for any kid, but with a baby, a sensory kid, and 4 year old even when he was giving it his best shot, it was unsuccessful.  But they tried so very very hard.  

They're like "Seriously Mom? You're really making us do this?"

This was the best I got. klp's face is doing who knows what. I think he was trying to smile. 

jjp just gave me dirty looks on her way back in to the house. 

Then I started barking like a dog and she SMILED. I'm just sad the snow is covering up her moccasins! 

This is her "heeeeeey girl" look.  

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