Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Funny Jaylie and More Tales From Calving

A few days after klp's birthday, I was sorting laundry in my room and I heard Jaylie June making a horse sound. I expected to see her pointing to a picture of a horse or holding one of her toy horses.  Instead when I turned around, I saw that she had found a roll of wrapping paper and was riding it like a stick horse! Haha! I have no clue where she gets this stuff!!!  

KLP, klp, and Q left one afternoon to go check cows and jjp was NOT happy to be left out.  She was crying when they walked out the door then she ran to the dining room to look out the window and watch them leave. She was crying "DADEEEEEE DADEEEEE!!!" She loves her Daddy and does NOT like being left out. 

Kory's Aunt and Uncle and their 4 kids came to town one weekend and we went over to his Grandparents house to let the cousins play.  One of the girls brought a baby doll and Jaylie was IN HEAVEN.  Seriously. She never let go of that doll.  She carried it in the carrier...

rocked it....

and had serious face to face talks. I think watching her play with babies is about the sweetest thing in the world (as you can tell by the number of pictures I post of that sort of thing). 

Juney helped herself to klp's cereal.  Oh well.  

One day klp was at school, Q had gone to feed cows with Daddy, so it was just me and Jaylie.  We took a walk to meet Gram and have lunch. It was a nice sunny "girls day". 

Salad spinner is their favorite job in the kitchen. It is so very fascinating.  And Q's life long problem of keeping his pants up continues.  Even when he's laying down. 

J doesn't want to drive the car or be pushed in the car.  She wants to push it.  With no help.  Bossy.  

Little Miss Independent walking to throw rocks in the creek.  With her book.  


There is a set of cows on a place on the opposite side of town from the ranch. Kory is in charge of calving them and things have gone really well so far.  He had a little calf one night that was cold and having a hard time getting going.  So we had a slumber party.  Not really. The calf just slept in our basement. It wasn't much of a party.  I found some old scrap pieces of carpet in some random part of our basement and covered her up with dirty jeans.  

She got a couple of bottles and got nice and cozy.  The next morning I got up and Kory was already gone so I assumed he took the calf with him.  I was headed to Billings to pick my parents up from the airport and he called to check on the calf. Oops.  She was still in the basement.  I went to check on her and she was fine. But I did have to call our construction contractor. Our landlord is remodeling our basement so there were gonna be workers there all day while I was gone. My conversation with the contractor went something like this, "Hey Jim, its Jaymie. Just letting you know that you  might wanna tell your guys that there will be a calf in our unfinished basement room."....."A what?"....."A calf.  Like a baby cow."......."Oh.  A calf.  Okaaaaay."........

Kanyon has started waking up TOO EARLY.  Like WAAAAAAAY too early. I think his body gets confused and can't go back to sleep.  So sometimes this happens when we are reading books.  Its cute and all, but I'd much rather him actually sleep in his bed in the morning! UGH! Nothing to do with calving.  Sorry.  

Q playing in the chutes while dad was working with a cow/calf.

Juney checking things out through the binoculars.  They're too heavy for her to hold up. Silly girl.   

So the freak of the calving season so far is this cow with 2 partial legs growing out of his neck.  Yep.  I wish I could've seen Kory and Wes's face when they saw it.  Apparently they saw the mom have it and then were waiting on it to stand up. It took it a while so they walked over to check on it.  It was dark so they couldn't see anything til Kory shined his light on it to pick it up and they saw hooves everywhere! haha! I got a text from Kory that said, "I'm gonna be here a while I'm waiting on this cow to calve". I texted later to check in and he replied, "Yeah, she had it fine. But the circus is just about to start". I didn't know what that meant, but he filled me in when he got home. I guess we could see the calf to the circus! The calf is fine and doesn't seem bothered by it at all.  They have had the vet out to look and they're trying to figure out the best way to deal with it.  Until then it just looks really funny seeing this little guy run around with that giant mass on his neck.  

On the rare occasion that all things line up right with supper, bedtimes, therapy schedules, weather, and overall moods, we get to all go check with Kory.  This is one of the wonderful things about ranching. Even in Kory's busiest times we can hop in the pick up and ride along with him!  We joke about the amount of Carhartt going on when we are all together.  I posted this picture on instagram and said "Wardrobe provided by Carhartt" other possible captions were "Our favorite color is Carhartt" or "Carhartt anyone?" haha!  We are thankful that Kory lets us tag along and slow him down and "help" him.  

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Marianne said...

Poor little calf would be a star attraction at Prairie Dog Town in Oakley Kansas! Love your rancher stories!!