Monday, April 21, 2014

Kanyons Birthday Party

Here is Kanyon on the night of his birthday at his birthday supper.  Balloons make anything a party! 

He got to open his presents that night and he LOVED the puppet we gave him.  He gets such a kick out of puppets so it was fun watching him giggle at his new puppet.  

A couple of nights later our whole family got together for a joint birthday party.  Tye's birthday is the day before Kanyon's so they had their party together.  Kanyon loved having a party with Uncle Tye! Here are the birthday boys! (and a nosey sister) 

Sooooo this was my first cake to make without my mom.  And disaster struck.  When went to flip the cake on to the pan to decorate it, this happened: 

My motivation level was already pretty low on this cake. I mean I'm making a cake for a kid that doesn't even like cake.  Susan was making Tye a different dessert, sot his cake really was just so that there was a cake at the party.  I was determined NOT to make another trip to the grocery store to get another cake mix. So I was gonna make this work no matter what.  We decided on a "K" cake for Kanyon so I cut a K out the best I could with the earth quake craters. I used icing to prop up parts of the cake to get it back together and to stick some of the bigger cracks back together.  

It was nowhere near perfect, but it was gonna be good enough.  

My trusty helper Q was more than willing to lick the icing bowl.  

Here's the finished product.  My worst cake ever.  Thats what I get for trying to do this without my mom. I'm not sure if it was the altitude or if I did something wrong, but I stand by the fact that it wouldn't have happened if my mom was there! Ha!

About to sing Happy Birthday to Kanyon while Jaylie drools over the cake.
We ate hamburgers, cheetos, grapes, and of course KETCHUP and everyone was happy! We did a little puppet show for Kanyon and it was AWESOME. I only have videos of it though. He was DYING LAUGHING the whole time (I posted a video on instagram).  My puppet loving 7 year old had a great party!

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