Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Funny Little People

Here's a few peeks into the funny little people I live with.  

Kanyon's drawing.  He says, "Its monkeys swinging on a tree!" 

Q got a little nervous watching The Lone Ranger one day so he took refuge behind the chair.  

klp was playing with letters one day and I quizzed him on the letters he knew. These were all the ones he knew.  21 is not too shabby.  

jjp in a hand me down dress from cousin Callie.  

Hayven came to visit Lewistown so we had lots of fun with her.  Its handy to have  a reader around! She read books to the boys.  

There's a cape out at Tye's house and Jaylie June has found her inner superhero!! 

These little square lovie blankets are perfect for tiny baby doll swaddles.  Jaylie brings me her babies and says, "Night Night" when she wants them wrapped up.  

I was sick one day so I sat in chair and juney brought me her baby dolls for me to babysit.  

Us girls had to do a little toy shopping for klp's birthday.  This little shopping cart in the store was the highlight of Jaylie's day! And watching her push it around in her poof ball hat was the highlight of MY day! 

The Mc Donald's in town gives these tiny ice cream cones for free.  Perfect for the June Bug.

Q on the bongos! (some boxes he found at Uncle Tye's house) 

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martha crockett said...

Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE, your blog!!! And, like I told your Mom, I think I love your house. Looks so interesting! I'm determined to come up there to hang out with some REAL cowboys sometime! Love you guys!!!