Tuesday, November 10, 2015

More Paris Fun!

Jaylie could hardly keep her hands off of little Colbie.  As if Colbie doesn't already have enough little mothers in her own house, I showed up with one more! 

More loving/pestering poor Colbie.  

Me and Jaylie spent the afternoon with one of my best friends, Beth, and her daughter Anniston.  WE had so much fun and it was so good to catch up with her.  Nothing is as fun dear friends watching their kiddos play.  Just another forced friendship Jaylie will have :) 

Climbing over the fence, just before Jaylie panicked and Beth had to rescue her! ha! 

Who knows where we were all all going, but they were sure cute all piled in the car together. 

We spent lots of time at the Kerby's pool.  So much fun! 
And like I always say.......its REALLY hard to look smart in goggles.  

a tired little Camp Deer Run boy. 

This was a shot of Quinn completely decked out in all the CDR gear  he could find! 

Another day, another trip to the pool.  A Spencer takeover! 

Pizza by the pool and Marion strutting her stuff.  

Gay Gay had beautiful flowers blooming! 

Canyons physical therapist from longview came to visit us!!!! We had the best visit! She was a huge part of our family and our life in Longview and we miss her terribly.  It felt so good to be back with her and let her see all that Kanyon is doing.  She put so much into him and I have no doubt that we would not be where were are today without her.  

of COURSE she comes with fun stuff for the kids.  She brought us some of her boys' old costumes.  There was MUCH excitement!!! 

One Wednesday evening we went to Camp for worship.  Everyone but Kory (still in Montana) was there so we took a picture under the sign.  My parents met there 40 somethin' years ago and who knew all of THIS would follow!!! Hail Dear ol Deer Run!  

Always good to be with my brothers.  We had some of our best years together at CDR. 

The "little girls" during worship. 

Everyone lined up to watch a baptism.  Despite what you would assume here, no one fell in.  

sweaty CDR cousins 

Q caught this fish with no help! He was excited.  The sun was also bright.

Another Club Kerby takeover!!! This time Maggie and Cliff were there with us.  Nothing like adding tiny twins to the mix! 

The fun just kept rolling.  So did the insanity, volume, and chaos! Long live COUSIN TIME!!!! 

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