Monday, November 9, 2015

Texas Lake Day and the end of week 1

We spent an afternoon and evening out at my parents' lake/cabin/lake land and had a blast.  Rachel and her kids weren't there, but The Page's game and we loved having all the lake fun with them! 

Me and Jaylie June keeping an eye on little Colbie.  

There were heads bobbing everywhere.  Kids everywhere! 

Mallory, Quinn, and Avery

Q happy to be swimming! 

Kenyon and Mallory ready for a ride on the tube.  Kan LOVES the tube.  Nothing but laughs and squeals!

Quinn, Avery, Mallory, and Olivia Page. 

Sweet little Juney girl busy in the sand. 

Uncle Clay took Kan and Q for a ride on the Jet Ski. 

Uncle Clint was the paddle board driver for Kanyon.  

He picked up a few more riders...

Ellie had some yummy food!

What Kanyon wants Kanyon gets with his Paw Paw.  As evidence by this shallow water piggy back ride in the lake.  Haha!!  

We got to help Doug and Lana's kids learn to water ski.  It was a lot of fun....til we sucked the rope up in the motor and all the fun came to an abrupt end.  

Supper time! 


Grown ups....minus Kory and Rachel.  And do you love my "Who let them dogs out" shirt???!!! I found it in my drawer at home.  I can't believe I've let it sit in that drawer for the last 15 years! 

The boys ran errands with Paw Paw one morning....and ended up at DQ.  It was like 10am.  Never too early for ice cream and french fries.  Hanging with Paw Paw and the livin' is easy.  

Gay Gay and Quinn played "Hands Down" and Quinn won.  He proceeded to make a sign that says "Quinn winned" with a hand and an arrow pointing down (as in...Quinn winned at Hands Down).  We might need to work on being a gracious winner.  

Made to order manicures.  Juney girl got to choose what color each toe would be.  

Lots of laughs playing in the water.  I just love this picture.  Seeing both of them laughing and having fun together is always a thrill for me. 

Sunday we went to CDR for middle Sunday and had a blast and didn't die of heat exhaustion.  Aunt Rachel swam with the little girls in an effort to keep her favorite aunt status locked in.  

This may be an all time favorite picture.  Marion Jayne with her root beer and Jaylie June with her sticks; both hot sweaty, and dirty.  Camp Deer Run at its finest.  

Cousins having some lunch

DQ ice cream probz

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ali said...

hahaha I forgot about the dogs shirt!! did Julie get those for us??