Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some of our Favorite People

Its fun to be with some of our favorite people while we are in Paris. Its an extra bonus when we get to see MORE of our favorite people.  Kanyon had a Dr. appointment in Dallas, so me and him drove to Dallas the night before and spent the night with Alison and Miles.  It was so much fun! 

This is Kanyon's traveling position. 

We tried so hard to get a pic of Miles and Kan, but Miles was moving and Kanyon wouldn't look.  
Here Miles is trying to sit in Kanyon's lap! 

....then hugging Kanyon

.......and going in for ONE more hug!! Me and Alison were DYING laughing at all of this! 

Miles and Kan, table for 2.  haha! 

Back in Paris, Quinn got to spend the night with Nolan! 

They had a movie night

Nolan and Q.  Soooooo glad they have each other.  

Kanyon with me, Quinn with Nolan, that meant Jaylie June had Paw Paw and Gay Gay all to herself!!! 

So she had an ice cream sandwich before bed. Duh.  

Sharing some watermelon with Gay Gay.  Soaking up every ounce of undivided attention.  

Kanyon in the waiting room at Scottish Rite hospital. 

Miles and Alison, Me and Kanyon.  We had a blast together.  Its funny to think about how many times me and Alison have spent the night with each other.  At every phase in life we've had each other. And now we are doing this mom thing together and it sure is fun.  It gives me another little one to love like my own.  Thanks for letting us crash your place Miles...especially for letting Kan ride 'Mater!!!  

Just a little SQUEEEEEEZE! 

Lots of evenings we headed to the pier to catch some fish.  Kanyon showed us that he can cast and reel all by himself.  We were proud of him and he was very adamant about doing it all by himself.  So we were left with only one choice.  Let him do it by himself.  And take the hook off.  So he happily fished  with just his lure the whole time. I have a video of him casting and reeling and it really is pretty amazing.  

Q and one of his catches. 

Lots of drawing at Gay Gay's table during the hot afternoon hours. 

Gay Gay has a snow cone machine!!! MMMmmmmmmm


Quinn so happy to be holding Colbie. 

Kory flew in and was running on very little sleep.  So he was more than willing to help Jaylie and Ellie take a nap.  

Quinn's trip to the dentist.  

Even Juney girl got checked out. 

Crazies in their PJs

I don't even have an explanation for this. 

We did the unthinkable and had family pictures made one evening.  It actually went way better than any of us expected.  We got some good ones with everyone and then some with just Paw Paw and Gay Gay with all the kids. 

Everyone spent the night one night. I wasn't quite sure Juney could handle sleeping in the room with the whole group, so she and Ellie Belly had a slumber party in their own room.  

Here's the rest of the gang all nestled in bed.  Ha.  

They eventually all go to sleep and the adults get a chance to visit with less distraction.  There's not much better than ALL being under the same roof! 

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Ali said...

AWWW I LOVE THIS! makes me miss y'all even more :( but we get to see you soon!! can't wait xoxo