Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Christmas was our first time to not travel on Christmas.  We found ourselves a little lost!!! We enjoyed the slower pace for sure.  

Christmas Eve breakfast.  

We went sledding on Christmas Eve Day and it was so much fun!  I wish I could post videos because we got several good videos of the boys sledding squealing and laughing the whole time! 

Me and Kan ready for take-off! 

Juney would only go with Daddy and even then, she wasn't too thrilled with it all. 

Poor Daddy dragged Kanyon all the way back up the hill so they could do it again.  At some point, Quinn jumped on the sled so Kory was pulling both of them.  When he got to the top he collapsed to catch his breath and of course, Jaylie jumps on top of him.  Dad life.  

Little snow angel! 

This was as happy as she ever looked on this sled ride.  Maybe next year she'll be a little more into it!

Dad ready to give the boys a speed boost! They had SO MUCH FUN.  

Off they go with lots of loud laughing and screaming!!

It's never JUST play, there's always work around here.  We gave the cows some "cake" for a Christmas treat (I called them range cubes til I moved here and everyone calls it cake....When in Rome...).  Here is Kory with his "pet" cow.  I think she's part cat with the way she follows him and NEVER respects personal space.  The only problem is a cow is a little harder to move out of your way.
But its kinda cute.

She's a good one to let the kids feed out of their hand.  

The girls all enjoying their sweet treat. Merry Christmas girls!!!

We came home to make cookies which turned out to be quite the "Little Red Hen" scenario.  Everyone wanted to eat them but nobody wanted to help! So I did most of them and actually enjoyed it until I had done all but about 10 cookies. I was out of ideas and my creative juices and Christmas Spirit had run out. 

Christmas Eve the kids got to open their present from us.  J was loving her bracelet set. 

Q got a floor puzzle and we all put it together.  

Notes to Santa were written and cookies set out!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!! 

Santa came and everyone had a blast! 
Q was so excited to get a Spurs jersey to match his Spurs shorts.  

J got hooked up with a couple of dress up dresses! She was feeling lovely and fancy.  
Santa also pulled through with the baby reindeer she asked for.  Miniature versions of course, but Jaylie June was so happy to have her baby reindeer! 

Kanyon got his loopy loop racetrack, but Santa made a critical error. It required batteries.  Santa was fresh out of batteries.  Thankfully it wasn't too big of a deal with all that there was to play with. 
Reindeer panckaes for breakfast!!!! 

It was a beautiful day; a White Christmas with plenty of blue sky sunshine! This was on our way out to Gram and Chief's for Phillips Christmas. 

Christmas sunset

As usual, Quinn loved holding Baby Jona! 

Uncle Tye pulled through with batteries while we were out at the ranch for family Christmas, so when we got back home that night, Kan finally got to watch his cars ZOOM through his racetrack. There was much clapping and squealing!!

Clint, Sydni, Sayler, and Hayven stayed a couple more days and we had lots of fun! Dress up dresses and new jerseys got LOTS of wear! 

Sunday after church we fired up the snow mobiles and had a good ol' time! in helmets...never gets old.  

Snow mobiles and calf sleds made for some fun rides through the fields.  

Sayler, Hayven, and Jaylie June 

Aunt Sydni and Jaylie June

Kory managed to fold himself into the sled to hold on to Jaylie (at least I think that's Jaylie under that hood/helmet!).

Clint and Kory "surfing" on the sled.  This provided lots of great entertainment with the surfing wipeouts! 

Q, Sayler, and Hayven

A few days later, Kanyon had an appointment in Bozeman, so we all went a day early to ski at Bridger Bowl.  It was COLD COLD COLD COLD (as in single digits) but we all had a blast.  

Kanyon got to ski with Eagle Mount and, as usual, had a blast.  Here he is with his crew. 

I think this is Me with Hayven and Sayler on the lift.  

The Phillips gang after a great day skiing! It is so much fun to have a great place to ski so close to Bozeman. And so much fun to have family to ski with!  

New Years Eve was pretty low key around here.  A few people came over for a little bit and I forced myself to stay awake till midnight and somehow missed the ball drop.  All the time changes had me confused.  Boo.  The good news is, Mrs. Kimberly was there so she gave Jaylie June a mani/pedi and there was no doubt Juney girl was in HEAVEN! 

Quinn built Legos for 2 weeks straight! 

We had a great Christmas and look forward to a great 2016! 

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