Wednesday, March 30, 2016


We had a fun bonfire with our friends the Ostreichs.  Lots of S'mores were consumed. 

Poor kid gets a basketball goal for Christmas then his "court" is covered in snow.  We had a little bit of warm temperatures, enough that I could shovel off an area for him to shoot.  

Kan Man took advantage of the cleared court too.  

This is taken out my kitchen sink window.  The deer just walk through like they own the place.  Its all fun and games til they poop on my sidewalk and I can't get to my car without sweeping it off! 

Chief and Quinn doing what they do best....watching basketball. 

My parents' Christmas box arrived and we had a second Christmas. It was so much fun! Jaylie basically had a baby shower.  Car seat, play mat, and pack and play! Little Mommy can FULLY take care of her babies now. 

Q got another Lego set and wasted no time getting started. 

Kan got an extra set of his "sticky blocks" as he calls them. They always fight over the squares so now there are enough to make this tall tower. 

Kanyon has learned SO MUCH this semester in school! They have been working hard on sight words.  I was cleaning up the bleachers as we were leaving a basketball game and he had written this on the popcorn bag! BOOK! 

This cute airplane was also at a basketball game (maybe he does his best thinking in the gym).  Even his drawings are improving by the day.  He draws actual things.  And knows what he's drawing and sometimes even plans out what he's going to draw.  Go get 'em Kan Man!!! 

Most of the time, Jaylie picks her own clothes (which results in a hodge lodge of hilariousness), wears her brothers' hand me downs, or ragged play clothes. But sometimes I actually shop for her and dress her and it is pretty darn fun! This little poncho number was killing me.  Topped off with her piggy buns!! I wish she would've still had on her moccasins, they truly completed the outfit. 

 I was trying to get a picture of her in her new "nice" (as in, not Carhartt) jacket I got her. How do they know how to duck face??!!!

I was trying to get a picture for Gay Gay because she sent this dress and it is ADORABLE! We love it!!! 

A little story time with Gram. 

We all got a kick out of the snow piled up on the basketball net. 

KLP and Q worked hard on this snow fort.  Especially KLP. They know better than to actually let go of these snowballs they're aiming at me.  Mama don't play cold snow.  

Aaaaaaand the cows still have to be fed when there's a billion inches of snow on the ground.  And we hope the truck doesn't get stuck.  

Snowy hay buffet. 

I love it when they're covered in snow, I think it looks so neat. And they don't seem bothered by it or else it would be cruel for me to like it.  These Montana cows are some tough girls. 

They know the pick up=food!

Kitchen help entertainment.  

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